Chapter 1: Hot Trail

After the car crashed you have to see where he went. Look at the grass in front of the crashed car to see no footprints there. Looking at the front of the car you see the door is opened so Trigger must be out. The trunk doesn’t open and the other front door is jammed. Looking at the window learns that Trigger forgot his DRIVERS LICENSE.

Look at the sign in the grass. Must have been the hotel sign once. Below it you can see footprints. You are on the right track. Walk to the right.  At the bright spot you’ll only find the remains of a deer so walk further until you reach the hotel. Look at the car and the outside of the hotel and then enter.

Look at the sign  in front of the stairs and look at the leaflet on the front desk. Read the ledger to see who signed in. Look at the reception board and take the MASTER KEY from it. Look at the plant on the right but there’s nothing hidden. Use the bell but there won’t be anyone to answer.

The door in the back is locked so walk to the left. Rooms 101 to 107 are here. Look at all the doors. Especially 105 and 107. Enter room 107. Look at all the blood on the floor. Look at the bed and the TV. In the window sill you find another brochure.

Leave the room and in the corridor look at the lamp on the ceiling. Something with the power. Walk to the left back to the reception. Look at the receptionist to take a PHOTO(graphic) memory of him. Talk to the man and ask for John Smith. He might be in the bar upstairs.

Climb the stairs and look at the room. Look at the lady at the bar. You’ll take another PHOTO with you. Talk to the lady to learn she’s in room 105 and she gives you her BUSINESS CARD. Walk down the stairs to the receptionist again and talk to him. Ask for a room.You’ll get the KEY to room 205.

Climb the stairs again and go through the door in the north. Walk all the way to the right. Check out the toilets first, but nobody there. Check the janitors room to find it locked. Use your own door (205) to enter the room.

Use the computer to learn more about the history of the hotel and read the email. Answer it to tell Mel to stay put. Use the bed to get some needed rest.

Looking at the window makes you hear footsteps and….  Leave the room to check it out.

Chapter 2: Endless Night

Walk all the way to the left and enter the bar. Very dark in here. Walk to the lit door on the left to check out rooms 101 to 107. Room 105 is open so have a look in there. Look at the TV and on the floor. A blood trail. Look at the bed to see more blood. Leave the room.

The receptionist is there to explain some more. Walk further to the right and in the reception you decide first to fix the lights. Walk to the right and up the stairs. From there to the right again to discover the door of the janitor smashed open. Enter the room and look at the switchbox on the left. Someone pulled the main switch. Use it to turn the light back on.

Walk back to the left, through the bar and go downstairs again. The corridor to the left is sealed of and looking at the traces on the floor you can see they go to the back yard. Use the door behind the front desk to look further. You conclude that there must have been more than one killer.

Checkout the room. In the shelf you find records but don’t want to sort them out. On the right in the shelf is an old newspaper clipping. Read the paper and look at the date on it. The hatch to the cellar is sealed so can’t be used. The trail is leading outside. Use the door to go to the back yard.

Walk to the north to go to the shed and go inside. Look at the hatch on the floor. It’s an electronic lock. Look at the picture on the wall.   On the bed you’ll find Trigger. Looking at him puts a PHOTO in your inventory.  Talk to him. So he wasn’t the killer? And the janitor has the code of the powergrid. You’ll use the phone to locate him and end up in the storage room of the hotel.

Chapter 3: Hide And Seek

Leave the storage room on the south while the phone is ringing. In the reception you can hear a faint noise. Walk up the stairs and through the bar. The noise is getting louder. Walk to the right and find the sound coming from… your room. Enter the room and find the phone on your bed.

Look at the laptop to find it crashed. Look on the bed to realize the janitor can’t be far. Look at the window to find the janitor. Searching his body reveals a paper from the security company but the code is unreadable. Leave the room and walk to the left. Walk through the bar back downstairs.

You notice the receptionist is gone. Better go after the powergrid. Walk to the storage room behind the reception desk and you’ll hear the sound of a door. Walk outside through the door in the north. Walk north to the shed and inside find Trigger… dead. Take the HAMMER from the bed. Leave the room through the door on the left.

Walk past the graveyard to the left and use the door of the powerhouse. Walk to the left and look at the panel. A lot of buttons. But what’s the code? Take a closer look at the calendar on the right of the panel. Flip through the months until you reach June. That should be the right month. And there’s the code.

Go back to the panel and enter the code. Use one column for each digit. The power is reset, the hatch is unlocked and you’re outside again. It’s getting light. Walk to the right and back to the shed. Trigger’s body is gone!

Try to open the hatch and notice that one of the latches is stuck. Use the hammer on the hatch to move the latch and open the hatch. You can now go to the basement.

Chapter 4: The Basement

Walk to the left and find the tunnel collapsed. Your luck. Use the hammer on the rocks to find a DOCUMENT. So there’s another way to enter. Walk to the right and climb the ladder to get back to the shed. Leave the house on the left and walk to the left to the graveyard.

Walk to the north to the crypt and enter the stone building. There are several tomb stones. Read them all. Then use the floor tile that’s opposite of the french owner’s sister.

You’re in the basement again. Walk to the left and find the ditch. How to get across? On the wall is a panel with some gears on it. Very well hidden but still there. Push the stone left of it. It’ll make a stepping stone move to the right so you can stand on it. But then you need to go back to the left again. As soon as the stepping stone is on the right, move the left gear on the wall one position down. Then push the brick left of it again and the stepping stone will move again, this time to the other side with you on it.

Keep walking further to the left until you can see a flag standing against the wall. Take the FLAG with you.  Next to it you can find barrel with a parchment in it with the ownership of the hotel on it.

Walk further to the left and go into the tombe.

Chapter 5: Answers

It’s very dark when you enter. Look at  the light next to the door to be able  to light an oil lamp.  Then you can see all coffins. Two crypts are just out of reach. On one you can barely read who’s in it. Under the light is an old cannon.

Look at the crypt in the middle, one you can open. Inside you’ll find Hottie. She has changed and you must save her. Use the flag on the coffin and then use the hammer on it. That’ll kill her but save her as well. But then the door on the side opens. And there’s Trigger. He’ll explain everything and all the clues you might have missed.

When he’s done talking and waiting for the others to show up, use the canon and aim for the ceiling above the door. That will create a hole in the ceiling and make the bright light Trigger can’t stand. Walk through the door and face the sunrise.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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