The Russians have stolen your magical ring. You need to get it back.

In the streets of Reality walk to the left. There’s a bum standing next to Scid’s. He’s Suzabelle today. Use the man to get a WRENCH out of his pockets. A bit to the left of Scid’s is a HOSE on the wall. Take it as well. Walk all the way to the right and meet Elandra at the gymansium.

Tell her you lost your ring and she’ll send you to Mr. Namyah inside the gym. Use the doors to enter and meet him. But don’t shout at him. Tell him that you need some help with Russian spies and he’s willing to help but a little busy at the moment.

On the wall is a thermostat. Use the wrench on the thermostat to turn up the heat a bit and apparently Mr. Namyah has a solution for that. Walk to the right to leave the gym and use the hose on the faucet at the side of the building. Use the hose again to throw it inside the gym. Use the doors of the gym to go inside, take the hose again to put it into the weight room. You’ll automatically walk outside again. Use the faucet to open the tap and inside the water will flow.

The student will be taken to hospital with the ambulance and Mr. Namyah will have some time free for you. Enter the gym and walk to the left. Talk to the trainer and ask him for help. Whilst in his office and going through some things you might need to recover your ring he gives you a FOLDER with information. Then  a messenger enters saying there’s trouble in the church basement. It’s the Russians again.

In the church basement at the rageaholic meeting, the Russians make fun until Mr. Namyah and you step inside. The Russians flee the scene. You need to go after them. Walk to the left to leave the meeting again. Take a BROWNIE from the table. Also take some CREAMER and a STIRRER. In your inventory look at the folder to find a NOTE in it that looks like a shopping list but it’s in Russian.

Walk to the left to leave the church and walk to the right to return to the gym. Enter the gym and walk all the way to the left into Mr. Namyah’s office. Take the KEYS from the desk and use the desk to search in the drawer and find a bottle of VALIUM pills. Although you’re not sure what kind of plant it is, take a LEAF from it and leave the office again. Walk to the right and then north in the gym where you use the keys you found earlier on the door to the locker room.Inside you’ll find a can of ANTIPERSPIRANT.

Walk to the right to leave the gym. Walk to the left and enter the church again. Inside walk to the right and look at all the people there. One is a bit suspicious. It’s the janitor with the green shirt. He has the key to the groundkeeper’s shed hanging out of his pocket. You’d like that key but can’t just take it. Give the valium pills to the janitor saying it is tic-tac.Tell him his breath smells a bit and that you wanted to stuff the pills down his throat. He accepts them and won’t be any danger to society anymore. Take the KEYS from his pocket.

Walk to the left twice to leave the church and walk to the right back to the gym. Walk all the way to the right to enter the shed and take the lawnmower FUEL out. Walk to the south to reach the streets of Reality again. Walk to the left to Scid’s where you hear Russian.

The bum standing there could speak a bit of Russian, remember? Give him the shopping list and he’ll translate it for you. Look at the shopping list again in your inventory to find a recipe for shrinking. You’ve got all the ingredients already, except for the alcohol. But left of Scid’s is a case of alcohol delivered so you can use the case to get some ALCOHOL. Walk all the way to the right, then to the left and enter the church again.

Put the alcohol, valium pills, the leaf, the lawnmower fuel and the antiperspirant in the coffeepot. Use the empty bottle  with the coffeepot to fill the bottle with the POTION. Walk to the left to leave the church and walk to the right and south to return to the streets of Reality. Walk all the way to the left and put the bottle, now filled with potion, back in the box where you took it from.

After the Russians drank the potion and are outside again, walk to the left and talk to them. Ask for the ring. It’s still inside. Talk to the bum and ask him to get the box behind him. After some persuasion he gives you the BOX. Use the box on the Russians to capture them and use the box on the vomit on the floor to seal the box. Walk to the right and use the door of the postoffice to send the Russians back to where they came from.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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