After having stopped the service, you hide in your office but not for long. No matter what your reply is, the detective will enter anyway. He will tell you about the money you will get from Jack Lauder. Leaving you confused behind, the detective will leave. Leave the office and talk to Josh. You’ll end up in your office again. Not much else to do, you try your computer. What could Josh have chosen as your username and password? Look in your inventory. The business-card has your email address on it. Now the first part is most of the time your username so try jstone. Yep. That’s a user on this machine. Now for the password click on Hint. If your Jiddish isn’t too good, you can consult your dictionary you’re always carrying in your inventory. A busybody… ah! Yenta.
Start reading your mail. The second one from Josh is important. The information will be helpful later on. Not much else in your mailbox. Search the net for Jack Lauder. This will come up with a news article which states the congregation Jack belongs to: Beth Tikvah. The other gives you the address of Jack. Searching for Beth Tikvah gives you the address of the synagogue. We’ll visit Mrs. Lauder first to pay our respect.

Talk to Mrs. Lauder but stay polite and defensive. You can ask her then anything about the business and herself. You’ll get the address of the business so you can visit the office. Let’s go there. In the office is nothing much more than a computer. Now all we need is a password. Remember your own second mail about passwords? So it’s most likely a relative. Try sharma. Go through the ledger and the mail. You can learn a lot here: Goldberg and Weisselbaum is an accounting firm. Joe DeMarco is someone to look into. Ethan G. is involved in the money-flow and goes to temple. Let’s pay the temple a visit then.

Look at the pictures on the wall and read the text. E. Goldberg. Now, E. Goldberg. The accounting firm was Goldberg. Ethan G. has to do with money and goes to the same temple as Jack. Could Ethan G. be Ethan Goldberg? Something to look into. Go through the door and talk to the rabbi. He doesn’t know much. Then head home to your own computer and search for Ethan Goldberg. So he is also dead. Go to Mrs. Lauder and ask about Ethan. Also check on Joe. Is he Jewish? Let’s ask the Rabbi again. Confront him with Ethan and when done, question the oddities. You’ll receive his card. Let’s go home and see what we can do with it.

Look at the business card. Check the computer for Amos Zelig. You’ll find out about his wife and dog. Try to hack his email the same way you did yours: rabbiz as username and click on hint. Pet. Must be the dog. So the password is Dodger. Bingo!


Read all his mail. You can learn a lot from this. Now on with the search. Since the synagogue is closed, go to the bar. A man will come walking behind you. Talk to him. It’s Joe. Ask him questions and question his answers. He’s then prepared to tell you all. Follow him to the tracks. Here you have to keep asking questions. Out of the options you have, always pick the question. Now you can do a fistfight, which you will win. Have mercy with the man, he might be useful later on. You’ll end up in the apartment of Mrs. Lauder. Take the note from the carpet. It has the address of the rabbi on it. Let’s go there.

Talk to the rabbi. Then agree with him to go to the balcony. It’s a good thing you didn’t kill Joe DeMarco ’cause he’ll walk in and save the life of Mrs. Lauder by giving his own. On the balcony, stall at first which will bring the rabbi a bit closer. Then try to grab the gun twice which will result in two bullets in the arms. Then climb onto the balcony. If you’re asked what you’re waiting for, say you’re admiring the view. This will distract the rabbi a bit and you can reach for the gun again, successfully this time. You get back on the balcony again and start another fistfight. Now is the trick to punch the rabbi eacht time he really answers a question. If he answers with a question, ask another one. Keep this up until he’s cornered. Then knock him out. Don’t throw him over, otherwise you’ll be accused of murder. Rescue Mrs. Lauder from the couch and she’ll take you to the hospital.

Game source: A demo of the game was found here on the internet.

14 Replies to “The Shivah – Walkthrough (Wadjet Eye Games/2006)

  1. I agree with Amenon, this is a good walkthrough and I appreciate the time spent on it. It helped me with some places where I was stuck, which includes reaching one of the better endings

  2. The Walkthrough is (combined with the comments) fine.

    I could not have played through the game without it.

    Thanks for the effort and thanks to Maverynthia for her/his comment.

  3. Even combining each clue with every other ones didn’t change anything and I too am still stuck where I’m supposed to get the card from the Rabbi but don’t…

    Leon who kindly wrote the walktrough may be thanked for his effort, but on the other hand, if he could have made a proper job at being explicit about what the player has to do, that would have made his walkthrough actually useful…
    Incapable of being rigorous enough and precisely stating things, his walkthrough above is nothing more in the end that a waste of time, both for him and anybody willing to read and use it.
    Too bad… If you can’t do it right, just don’t do it at all.

  4. At some points in the game, I wasn’t sure if there was intentional humor or if it the story/dialogue was just trash: “Thank god I went to the jewish school of boxing and can fight you off, evil assassin” The line was at least pretty similar to that one, the meaning is definitely the same 😀

    Oh, and not to forget the final boxing fight between two rabbies. The situation alone was glorious and could be the finale of a hilarious trash movie. “Do not think you can out-rabbi me!” Haha

  5. Terrible. As Berik said, no logic, short, and voice actors spitting on the microphone. Avoid…

  6. I just beat the Wadjet version of the game. It was great! I found that to get Joe to leave the bar you must first hack Zelig’s email.

  7. I played both options where i push zelig over the edge and where i just punch him. the option where Zelig lives has a positive ending, the option where Zelig dies has a depresive ending.

  8. Wow, I’ve never seen a game where you can get stuck so fast. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get into the computer, looked around at everything around his office and the synagogue, left the synagogue (only Manhattan name there), in inventory, nothing works in the computer. Any idea what I should do?

  9. I’m stuck on the part where you say “question the oddities” I don’t have that opption and never have, I even tried restarting the game and following your walkthrough as close as possible but I don’t get the option or the buisness card, I’m stuck here, help?

  10. You can use the internet in the computer. Search the net for Jack Lauder. This comes up with a name. Then search again on that name.

  11. How do you leave the synagogue? I got into the computer, and found the church address and Rabbi Zelig’s info, but how do find out about Jack Lauder’s family and leave the synagogue. This is where I am stuck.


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