You start with Josh on the beach, next to your house (if you can call it that). Exit on the right and go to the red cross on the beach. Along the way you’ll stumble upon Thakbot The Great. Talk to him. The go to the red cross again. Talk to Mr. Death. He’ll tell you about tan lotion and sand castles. Take look at the radio and the lemonade. You can have some if you can find a cup. Leave Mr. Death and head over to the Surf Shack.On your way there, you’ll meet Elandra and her boyfriend. They won’t tell you much other than that they’re in the contest too. Again try to go to the Surf Shack. Talk to the man behind the counter and learn about the contest. Try to register. Oops. We need to ‘find’ $125. Leave the shack and the screen on the right side. Welcome to Reality.
Click on the black door on your right. Of the options shown, go to Cloudy Days Real Estate. Talk to Maria. She’s asking you to let Thakbot sign the deed. So that’s how we can make a bit of money. But please don’t call it work. Outside again look at the sign on the wall. A radio frequency, but what can we do with it? Walk all the way to the left into the alley and talk to the dancing bum. He appears to be the narrator. Keep talking until he tells you he’s thirsty. Look at the cardboard box to see the empty bottles. Leave the man for now and walk to the other side of town. The green door to the far right is the restaurant. Walk in and listen to the men. They’ll throw things at you if you come back. So, once outside, let’s go back in. A fish will be thrown at you. When outside, have another go. This time it will be the pepperoni. Go two doors to the left (the blue one). In the basement will be the two guys. Talk to them. So they have $25 if you can give them a piece of hemp. More money to make. Another few doors to the left is the black door. Click on it and select the Realiser. Talk to the man and he’ll tell you about the fish and the money you can make with it. Take the plastic cup from his desk. It’s time to get back to the beach.
Walk to the red cross. Use the plastic cup with the lemonade. Walk back to town and to the alley. Give the lemonade to the narrator and you can take his ladder. Take a bottle from the box as well. Leave the alley and read the sign on the wall of Scids cafe. Walk to the Yahtzee hardware store to see what they’re selling. Since you don’t have any money, you’ll have to get it another way. Take the detergent from the shelf. Use the detergent on the bottle and put the detergent back on the shelf. Now leave the shop. Back to the beach again. Try to go to Elandra. You stumble upon a blue man. Talk to Knoffel, trying to make sandcastles. Who else was involved in this? Go to the red cross and tell Mr. Death about Knoffel and the sandcastles. He’ll leave. Take the tan lotion and the batteries. Might take the radio as well. Again to Elandra. Watch the board she made. Talk to her. Give her the batteries. They’ll leave, leaving behind a note with a frequency. Take the note.
Now time to make some money. Look at your inventory. Use the tan lotion on the fish. Use the pepperoni on the fish too. On the beach walk all the way to the left to the white point (click on it with the hand-icon). Talk to Jhon. Show him the fish. He’ll take a picture of it. Take the rope as well. Back to Thakbor and his mom. Show him the deed. He won’t sign with his mom around. This asks for a trick. Use the detergent on the wool. She’ll ask Thakbor to get some more wool. Follow Thakbor to the Yahtzee Hardware store. Talk to him and let him sign the deed. Outside click on the black door again and select the Real Estate Agency. Give her the deed. She’ll pay you $100. Not enough yet, but it’s a start. Click on the black door again. Select the Realiser. Give him the picture of the fish, you’ll get $50 in return. Walk over to the blue door with the two guys in the basement. Go in.
Give the rope to the guys. It is HEMP. There you go, another $25 without even working. But still no surfboard. The P.I is on the beach, maybe he can help you search. Go over to the beach to the man with the hat next to the red cross. Talk to the man. He’s busy. Give him the ladder. Now he’s free. Follow him to town. Click on the black door and select the P.I. He’s willing to help, but you have to pay first. Give him the $50. There’s your board. Outside, use the radio on the sign on the wall to set it to the right frequency. Go to the beach to register for the competition at the Surf Shack. Give the money to the man behind the counter and you’re in! Leave the shack and join the party.
Nothing much to do here so leave. As you’re about to, the photographer will tell you about the cheating. It’s a good thing you only drank the fruit juice….
From your house, first go to the red cross. Take the pieces of towel. Then go into town. Near the alley is Knoffel. He’ll give you a jammer. Now back to the beach to the start of the contest. Once in the water, your competition is strong. But not unbeatable. If they cheat, so can you. On Thakbor, use your pieces of towel. You cover your ears so you won’t hear him. One down, two to go. On Dave use the note with frequency on the jammer. It’s set to the right wavelength then. Use the jammer on the board of Dave. Two down, one to go. On the ghost use the radio. He’ll go deaf by the sound of that. Enjoy the rest.
Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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