Leave your office and go to the Yahtzee Hardware Store. Send Mika on her way and talk to the clerk. Ask him about the specials. Ask for one and he’ll dissappear for a moment. The right time to get a balloon. Take a donut from the counter. One door to the right lives Davy Jones. Enter the house and send Mika on her way (again).Talk to Davy and browse his desk. Open the drawer and take the magic marker. On the floor is an old spell, the Run Hot, that you can take. Davy will instruct you. Leave the house.Go to the bar named Scids on the left. Go in and talk to George, the barman. He’ll eventually tell you about the taps being blocked by something. Leave the bar and go further to the left into the alley. Talk to the bum. He has something you want but he won’t give it to you untill you give him a mahjongg board.

So, back to the Yahtzee store. Use the Run Hot spell on the clerk. He asks for a drink. Give the bottle to him. He’ll make his way to the bathroom very fast. Take the drain cleaner from the shelf near the exit. Leave the store and take the drain cleaner to Scids place. Give him the cleaner but it’s not strong enough. He advises you to go to Davy. So let’s go there.To make the cleaner stronger Davy wants to use a spell but he needs a stone for that. So leave his house. Go back to Scids bar and open the door on the left. Talk to Mr. Death. Aks him about the files he’s protecting. Leave the bar and go to the alley. Use the magic marker on the balloon and use the balloon on the window.

Go back to Mr. Death and warm him about the face in front of his window. When he’s distracted, search his desk and take the dollar. Now back to the shop. Ask the clerk about the board games and ask for a Mah Jong board. There is one in stock for only one dollar. Lucky you. Pay the man and take the board. You even get an axe. Walk to the alley and give the Mah Jong board to the bum. A piece missing? Oh well, maybe we’ll find it.

Cross town to the other side to the graveyard and use the axe on the tombstone. Now you have your piece of rock for Davy. Visit him and give him the stone. Also give him the bottle. There you go, power cleaner. Back to Scids bar. Give George the bottle. Tap is clean now. And hey, your missing Mah Jong piece. Go to the alley and give the Mah Jong piece to the bum. He’ll give you… a tongue?


Leave the alley and walk between the Scids bar and the building with the black door to the Reality General. You’ll meet Mika there again. When she’s gone, talk to the guard. Ask to see the body so you learn you need authorization to get to the cooler. Oh well. Leave the hospital and go north. Talk to the sherrif (after Mika is finished). Ask to see the prisoner. No? Might the sherrif be hungry? Offer him the donut and you’re in. Talk to the prisoner. He can’t. So, after a game of charades, you find out what you need. Search the file cabinet and get the warrant. Back to the hospital. Show the paper to the guard and you’re in. Take a look at the deceased (right lower drawer). Take a look at the operating table. Under it is a needle and thread. Take it and go back to the prison. Just give the sherrif another donut.

Give the needle and thread to the zombie. Talk to the zombie. He’ll tell you who killed the postman and where to find him. Leave the prison and go to the west. There’s the mansion of that evil man. And there’s Mika too. Too bad she’s causing more problems than she’s solving.

So after meeting the evil doctor, talk to Mika. A lot to talk about, not much result. Look at Mika and her hair. Ask her for a pin. She’ll get the idea. When she’s out, use the Run Hot spell on the vial below the sign. It will reveal a button. Push the button and you’re free to go. Oops. Dr. Die Vie Ess planted a bomb. Back to town center.

There’s the bomb. Now we need to get someone to disarm it. First go to Davy. Talk to him, maybe he can help. Follow him outside. Talk to him again. Maybe the ghost can. Enter Scids bar and talk to George. He won’t help. Then Dr. Death. Talk to him. Follow him outside and talk to him again. No luck either. The clerk in the Yahtzee General Store? No way! Then to the hospital and ask the guard. Talk to him. Follow him to the bomb and talk to him again. Hmm… The sherrif maybe? Walk past the hospital to jail and talk to the sherrif. Follow him back to the bomb as well. No luck again. But we ran out of time…. or not? Enjoy the rest.
Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

2 Replies to “The Postman Only Dies Once – Walkthrough (Dave Gilbert/2001)

  1. Right click to cycle through the options of walk/look/use/talk and TAB to show the inventory. Alternatively move your mouse to the top of the screen. I must admit, it’s the very last pixel at the top so be gentle with the mouse when playing in windowed mode.

    Playing full screen makes things a bit easier.

  2. what are the controls for this damn game i can’t even get the guy to move nor can i change my thing from the eye, which only lets me look at things.

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