The pissants have escaped and you need to get them back.

Outside the petshop walk north and to the right. You’ll meet the bum here. Talk to him and find that the trail does not belong to the pissants but to the bum. He lost his spoon.

Walk to the left and in front of the petshop go left again. On the map select the jail. Outside is more evidence of the pissants being here. Use the door to enter jail and see that they have left already. Look at the carpet to find a SPOON underneath. Use the door to leave, walk to the right to see the map and return to the petshop.

Walk to north on the right and visit the bum again. Give him his spoon and as thanks you’ll get a piece of WOOD. Walk left and enter the petshop. The table on the right contains termites so use your wood on the table to catch some of the TERMITES. Leave the shop, walk to the left and go to Scid’s.

The bartender can’t talk to you. Use the termites on the door on the left to make a hole in it and then use the hole to enter the room. Yay! There are the pissants! But how to take them back to the shop? Leave the room on the right and talk to George again. Ask for help. He’ll tell you he lost his golden bottle. Ask for a drink and you’ll get some MILK.

Leave the bar south and on the map select the forest. Look at the purple tree to find a golden BOTTLE behind it. Walk north to find a man in front of a cave. Too scary to talk to the man. He might eat you. Walk left twice to return to the map and select Scid’s on it.

Give the bottle to George and he’ll tell you it’s not the right bottle. It isn’t even gold. You’ve been conned. Walk south to leave the bar. From here you can get a good ending or a bad ending:

Bad ending:

Go back to the forest. Walk north and watch the man standing in front of the cave. It must be the man who put the bottle there. Use the bottle to hit the man on the head and you can enter the cave. But inside the cave there’s a scary monster who will kill you.

Good ending:

Go back to the petshop. Walk north and to the right to see the bum again. Next to him is a large box with disinfection. Take the box with DISINFECTION. You can have i if you promise to become the bum’s pet. Walk left twice and on the map select Scid’s. Use the hole in the wall on the left to enter the back room and use the pesticide on the pissants.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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