You’re Klaymen. Click on him to wake him up. Then pull the lever on the left three times to smash the door. Walk to through the door and jump from the balcony Nevermind the flytrap. Go down the stairs and read the letters in your mailbox. There are quite a few but the first one is the most important: flytrap loves ringfood. Climb up the stairs again and look at the rings. Pull them all. The fourth from the left will open the door but doesn’t stay open. Push flytrap until it’s under the fourth ring. Pull the ring again and watch your hands! Make sure you pull the fifth one as well. It will start a radio that you’ll hear later.

Go though the door. Walk straight ahead to the red house with brown door. Enter the house and pick up the DISC (#1) from the floor. Click on the TV-screen to see an image of the hangman. Click on the parts of the hangman until all vertical parts have a fuse on them. You’ll return to the real hangman automatically and he falls from the ceiling. Leave him for now. Walk through the opening on the right. Go one screen forward and turn right. Open the double door. Push the red button to start the water. Turn around and walk one screen towards the red mushroom and then turn right. Walk towards the wall with the strange green sign on it. Turn left and pick up the music box….Back inside the house the monster will drop a match. Pick up the MATCH and use it on the TNT-man. Push the burning man towards the monster to get rid of both. Leave the house on the right and walk straight ahead towards the wall. In front of it turn left towards the music box and go through the hole in the wall.

Climb in the car and move it along the track. Go down immediately to a spiral track. Follow it until you reach a button. Push the button. When you hear a buzzer, push again until you hear a foghorn. Return to your car and follow the track back to where you came from. Get out of the car and walk towards the wall. Turn right there and walk to the red house. Walk through it. Walk towards the tree on the square. Turn right where you can see a light coloured house with very narrow brown doors. Enter the house. Pick up the DISC (#2) from the floor. On the wall is a slider puzzle. Make the H-pattern with the solid tile in the middle top row. More about slider puzzles here. The purple tiles should go on the left, the brown on the right.

When the puzzle is finished a door will open. Go through and pick up a DISC (#3). Enter through the door on the right (trust me, it’ll fit….). Push the green button to turn on the light. Walk further to the right. On the floor is a GLASS. Pick it up. Walk all the way to the right (and that’s long…..) and pick up the DISC (#4). Walk all the way back (sigh…) until you’re back at the door.

Push the white button to remove the spikes in front of the door and enter. The elevator will take you below. Pick up the DISC (#5) and push the blue button. If you hear a buzzer, push again. You might want to pull the lever to see an animation on the wall. Use the elevator to go back up again.

Walk back to the left to the front door and push the button again to turn off the light. Then walk to the right to the room with the elevator and enter again. You’ll see three signs. Note these. Click on the opening above you and push the button to cover the opening with spikes again. Now walk left to the room with the jukebox. Exit throught the small opening and in the next room push the button to open the front door. Exit to the central square.

Walk straight ahead to the yellow house with green stripes. Near the front door is a red button. Push it and you’ll hear different sounds. Make the 5 pipes next to the door sound the same as the 5 above the door. In front of the house is a red button on the floor. Step on it and water starts flowing. Click on the water to drink it. Click on the pipes to the right of the door to fill them with water. Going from left to right, click on the first one three times, the second one once, the third one two times. Skip the fourth one and fill the fifth one four times. Then push the red button again to open the door. Enter the house.

On the floor is DISC (#6). Pick it up. Walk to the right  and pick up another DISC (#7). Climb the stairs to the room above and pick up another DISC (#8). Push the button on the wall. When it buzzes, push again, otherwise go downstairs again. Push the red button on the wall to open the front door and leave the building. Walk to the left and you should be facing the small doors again. Turn left twice and walk into the purple cave. Brrr. Dark in here.

You’re in front of a green door with red latches. Next to them three buttons: red, blue and white. If not, one of the buttons previously pressed, gave the sound of a buzzer, not a fog horn. Push the three buttons to open the door. Again you hear the fog horn. The door will open and a bridge appears. Cross the bridge and when facing the wall, turn left. You’ll see a monitor with a red button below. Push the button 12 times. Note the symbols. The seventh will be a duplicate. Turn right twice and walk towards the yellow house. In front of it turn right and go forward to climb into a cannon. Click inside the red circle to fire the cannon and drain the canal. Leave the cannon and turn left to enter the yellow house.

Click below the antenna to view some blocks with symbols on it. You must pick the one with the inverse image of the one you see below the antenna. Then do the same for the one you see next and repeat this until all pieces are used. When done right you’ll end up with an up and down arrow. Click the arrows and stairs are made (the bridge is lowered). Leave the yellow house and walk towards the TV screen. In front turn left and walk towards the tunnel. The bridge has turned into stairs. Go down there. Watch your step!

Turn right and walk towards the drain. Do as the sign says! Don’t jump in. You WILL die! Turn to the right in front of the drain and walk to the green car. Get in the car and go up. Go left and follow the track till the end to the radio. Remember the sound you hear here.

Go back on the track and at the T-section you started go right (so keep following the track). Follow the track again and at the next T-section go up. You’ll pass three tubes with blue, green and red liquid. Note the level to which they are filled. Go back the where you started. Gwet out of the car and turn right. Step forward and turn left. Walk to the yellow building and click on the door to enter. Pick up the DISK (#9) on the floor. Look at the radio. Note the music you hear at the moment. It’s the music to open the front door. Click the dial to retune the radio and repeat this until you hear the same music as you heard when you were in your car. If you didn’t get it, just try the different channels and pull back after each channel. Check to see if the door on the right is open. If not, change the channel again until it is. Go through the door on the right. 

Walk down the stairs and pull the cord to make some light. Read the name on the capsule. Pull the cord again and enter the capsule. You see one red and five grey buttons. Push the red one. You see five crystals in a different colour. You can change each crystal with the corresponding button. Do so until the colour spell the name you’ve read earlier: Blue, Orange, Blue, Blue, Yellow. All of a sudden you’re very small. Go through the opening on the left of the cord. Walk to the left as far as you can by clicking on the window and go through the opening on the left of it.

You can see a disk laying on the floor but you’re too small to pick it up. On the right side is a mini-bar. Click on it and see three tubes. Fill the tubes to the level you saw in your car by clicking on each tube. (Note the reverse order). Pull the tap and you’ll pour the mixture in a glass. Drink it and you’re normal again. Pick up the DISC (#10). Look at the cavities and note the objects in them. In the third from the right, where you can see the bright light shining through, is one with a button above his head. Push the button and a ladder will be lowered.

Climb the ladder and pick up the DISC (#11). Leave the room through to opening in the middle, to the yellow teleporter. Get in the teleporter and click on the big red button. You’ll see six smaller buttons. The flashing ones are the ones that Klaymen can travel to. Push the small red button and then the big red button.

Get out and walk to the right. Pull the big nail out. The city is  one again! Step back into the teleporter and push the big red button again. Two new locations are available. Push to orange small button and then the big red one.

Get out of the teleporter and take the two DISCS (#12 & #13). Step on to the orange pedal on the floor. The door opens. Be sure to move right after it, the door closes pretty quickly again. Follow the path straight ahead, under the bridge and straight ahead to the mushroom house. Enter the red mushroom. When you’re down walk straight ahead to the orange house and enter. You’ll end up at a new teleporter. Note the signs on the wall. Pick up the DISC (#14) and enter the teleporter. Click the big red one again, followed by the small orange, then the big red one again. Step on the pedal again, quickly through the door and back to the mushroom again. But this time don’t enter but turn right twice and walk back to the bridge.

There’s a screen with a button under it. You see the same symbols as at the screen near the cannon. Put the symbols in the same order. Push the button as soon as the correct symbol shows. With one of the symbols you’ll hear a strange sound. This is the seventh symbol! Once all twelve are correct, the door opens and you can enter. Pick up the DISC (#15). Leave the room again. Step forward and turn left. Go to the purple door in the brown house. Enter the room.

Step on the pedal and the mouse and cheese are history. Walk to the right. In the next room pick up the DISC (#16). Look at the curtain on the right. It’s a memory game. But you need to have them all correct, without any mistakes! When done, you’ll hear a sound. Note the number of occurrences for each symbol. Leave the puzzle and walk to the left, past the purple door to the next room. A pilar will rise and after you click on it, you’ll see a mouse game.

You must get the mouse to the cheese by pointing it to the right hole. The mouse is always putting his nose in the direction of the correct hole on the same level. So follow his nose. When the mouse is at the cheese, the pilar will drop and you can move further to the left.

Pick up the two DISCS (#17 & #18). Push the device you see to the right until it’s under the tube where you sucked the mouse up. Hit the pedal and the device will be sucked up as well. Push the button next to the purple door to leave the building. Walk a step straight ahead and then turn left and walk to the red mushroom. Enter it and downstairs walk to the orange door. Go through there as well and when you’re downstairs again use the teleporter. Push the big red button, the small blue one and the big red again.

Get out of the transporter and walk to the left. Walk under the tunnel and after it turn right. Walk towards the green wall and push the red button on the panel there. You see three symbols from the memory game. Behind it you must put the number of occurrences you’ve found in the memory game. When done press the yellow button and when right you hear a bell sound and the teddy will move the robot to another location.

Turn left, walk forward, turn left and go through the tunnel back to the teleport device. Get in and push the big red button.Push the small green one and then the big red one again. Get out of the teleporter and go inside. Pull the ring on the cord and you’re downstairs. Go up the stairs and you’re with the purple radio again. Tune it to the sound to open the front door (the radio will be bright lit by the light through the front door). Go throught the door.

Step forward and turn right to the stairs. Climb these. Walk towards the wall and turn right again. Walk towards the yellow house and enter it. Turn the stairs back to a bridge. Leave the yellow house again, in front of the TV screen turn left and cross the bridge. At the other side of the tunnel turn right and walk forward to the red house. Enter it and walk to the other side. Walk to the wall in the back and in front of it turn left to the opening in the wall. Get into the red car.

Follow the track all the way to the right and get out of the car. Pick up the KEY (1). Get into the car again and return to the start. Get out of the car, walk to the wall, turn to the right and walk to the red house. Walk through it and on the square turn left to the purple cave. Enter the cave and push the three buttons to unlock the door. Walk across the bridge towards the wall. In front turn right and in front of the yellow house turn right again. Get into the cannon. Enter the vertical symbols you saw at the room below the elevator and enter the horizontal symbols you saw near the teleporter. Click on the arrows on the crosshair to zoom in on…. the robot. Push the red circle to fire. One robot less.

Get out of the cannon by clicking on the arrows to return the cannon to its normal position. Turn left and enter the yellow house. Turn the bridge into stairs and leave the yellow house. Walk to the wall, turn left and go down the stairs. Turn left and enter the yellow house again. Tune the radio to open the door on the right and enter. Use the capsule again to turn small.

Enter the door on the right near the cord and walk upstairs. Go to the bar and mix your favourite drink … You’re big again. Climb the ladder and get into the yellow teleporter. Inside push the big red button, the little blue one and the big red one again. Walk to the left, under the tunnel……

Walk one step towards the door in front of you and turn left to the broken door. Go through there.

There are the mouse, the cheese and the device you sucked up earlier. To the right of them is a DISC (19). Pick it up and return to the hall. One step step straight ahead onto the balcony. Pick up the NEEDLE. Notice the key above you? Go back in and walk one step straight ahead. Then turn right twice towards the red door. It’s the elevator. Click on the red door to enter and use the elevator. One level up there’s a DISC (#20) on the floor. Pick it up. Look out of the window. There’s a balloon. I’ll bet that’s holding the key. Click the balloon to pop it, you’ve got a needle, right? The key dropped as well.

On the wall you can see a white jukebox. Click on it to insert all discs you’ve found. Look and listen to Willie Trombone. Learn about Hoborg.  Pick up the  KEY (2) you got from Clogg.  Go back to the elevator and push the down arrow to go downstairs. One step forward and then turn left to the balcony again. Pick up the KEY (3).  Go back in again. 

Walk straight ahead and them turn right. Go throuh the broken door again. Push the device to the right and pull the handle. It’s a projector and it’s showing a code. Note the three different keys on the left, the code on the right. Put the three keys into the hole in the blue wall. Then put the correct key in the correct number hole. If done so, the blue door opens. That’s a familiar scene. The second ring from the left lowers the ramp so you can walk over. But then the spikes. The fourth ring from the left takes care of that. But can the flytrap eat both rings together? Don’t think so. Push the flytrap all the way to the right, under the fifth ring from the left.

Grab the fifth ring, let it go again and….. you solved two problems at once. Open the red door on the right. Clogg wants you to wear the crown and inherit the kingdom. Two options: put the crown on your head and become evil ruler or….  put the crown on Hoborgs head and restore the Neverhood.

Game source: A demo of the game was found here on the internet.

3 Replies to “The Neverhood – Walkthrough (Dreamworks Interactive/1996)

  1. Also, when you move the dial of the radio check the different lights and this can also be an indication the lab’s door is open.

    forgot that detail!

  2. Hi Z… the only way to turn on the radio is in the first house (the one where you wake up) jump and catch the forth or fifth ring (i dont remember wich), but it does a different noise from the other rings (excluding the one that is holding the “pet”)… and then you will have the radio turned on, just to be sure (thats what I did many years ago when i played the game) catch the ring three times… just in case.

    Good luck and enjoy it is an excelent game!!

  3. Hello! Thanks for this complete sollution – but mu problem is taht I can’t hear anything and can’t do anything with the radio when we should hear a music in the green car and silulate it on the radio . what should I do?! (this is very important for me because I began this game 4-5 )years ago and I’m still in this level !! 😉

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