You saw something strange on the other side of the street.

On the monitor of your computer is a blue CUP. It’s empty but take it anyway. Use the poster on the wall on the right to take some sticky TAPE from it. Use the door on the north to leave the room and in the hallway use the door on the left to enter the bathroom. On the edge of the bathtub is a SPONGE. Pick it up and use the sponge with the sink to soak it.

Walk to the south to leave the bathroom and in the back of the corridor walk to the right to reach the stairs. Go down the stairs and use the door on the left of the stairs to enter the livingroom. On top of the TV set is a MATCHBOX. Take it and enter the kitchen on the right.

On the floor is a MAGNET. Pick it up and use the fridge to take a fat juicy STEAK out. Look at the brown magnet on the bottom left of the fridge door to discover where the key is hidden. Walk left to leave the kitchen and in the livingroom go south. On the left is a plant pot and when you use it you can find a KEY. Walk to the left behind the plant and you’ll reach the front door.

Use the coat hanging on the rack to take a piece of STRING out and use the  front door to go outside. After overhearing the conversation between mum and the neighbor, talk to both. Learn about the cult leader in church. Next to the pavement is a sewer grate. Look at it to find something shiny but it’s too far to reach. In your inventory use the string with the magnet and use the combination on the grate to get the TOKEN for the museum out.

Use the front door of the house to go inside again and walk south to the stairs. Use the door left of the stairs to the living room and use the door on the right to enter the kitchen. On the left is the back door. Use the key you found earlier on the door to unlock it and go outside.

Use the garden hose to create a pool of mud on the ground and take some of the MUD with you by using the cup.  Walk south to enter the kitchen again and put the cup with mud in the microwave on the right to heat it up. Use the back door again to enter the garden and walk to the right to the side of the house. Use the gate to open it and see a map of the town.

Select the museum on the map. Use the door to enter and talk to Uriah Bone in the ticket booth. Ask everything but suddenly he says nothing more unless you buy a ticket. Give him the token and you’re allowed to enter. Look at the painting on the left to learn about the odd knife. Read the plaque under the painting in the back to learn about the disappearance of the artist.

Walk further to the right in the back to see the other section of the museum.  Look at the various objects to find out more about Hollow and walk further to the right. Look at the iron maiden. It’s sealed but when you push it, you can hear something. Do that twice more and something will drop to the floor. Pick up the COIN. Pick up the POT in the window on the left. Use the window to open it and use the pot with the open window to throw it out.

Walk back to the left and return to Uriah. Talk to him again and ask about the objects you saw earlier. Ask about the hat and he’ll tell you about Eloise and refers you to the library for more information. Walk south to leave the museum and outside go to the right. Under the tree is your broken pot and inside was a key. Pick up the KEY and look at it in your inventory. Walk left and south to see the map again.

Travel to the school. The main door is closed so walk to the sheds on the right. Use the key with the door of shed B to unlock it and use the doors again to go inside.Take the AXE from the tool board on the right and look at the box underneath. Use the box to find a CROWBAR. Walk south to leave the shed and left to return to school. Use the crowbar on the window on the left to gain entrance. Use the window again to go inside.

On the big desk are some TOOTHPICKS. Take them and use the school desk on the lower right to find a bottle of INK. Use the door on the right to go into the hall and walk to the right in the back to enter the library. Climb the stairs to the balcony and on the left are books about local history. Look at the books to see the title, then take the book to learn more about the history and find that Mrs. D. is not the first one to go missing. Also find out that the church is involved and need further inspection.

Use the books about paranormal on the right to discover a piece of PAPER inside. Read the paper in your inventory to find a recipe for a sleeping draught. Use the door on the left to leave the library again and walk to the left to return to the classroom. Use the window on the left to climb out and walk south to return to the map. Go to the manor house on the upper left.

Use the sign next to the entrance to reveal a control box. The wires inside are broken. Use the sticky tape on the wires to fix them and then use the switch in the box to open the gate. Use the doors of the house to go inside. Use the door on the right to enter the study. When you look at the display case on the right, the glass is too grimy to see through. Use the sponge from your inventory on the case to clean it and look at the case again. Now you can read a letter.

You learn about the catacombs. Leave the room on the left and in the hall go south. Walk south to see the map again and go to the park. Talk to Bernie and ask about Mrs. Derby. Ask if you can bribe him and he’ll tell you about the chocolate. Give him the cup with hot mud and when he turns his back to you to throw up, you can walk north into the park.

Use the axe on the log of wood you find to turn it into FIREWOOD and then pick it up. Walk to the left and use the planks from your inventory  in the river. Cross the river and pick up the FLOWER. Return to the right and south and leave park on the south and see the map. Select the school again. Use the window to enter and use the door on the right to leave the class.

In the hall, use the door on the lower right to enter science class. Use the matches with the Bunsen burner to light it and use the sponge with the beaker above it to fill it with water. Use the flower with the beaker and finally add the ink to the beaker. The draught is now ready. Pick up the BEAKER and use the door on the left to leave the class. Walk left on the north and use the window on the left to leave the school. Walk south to return to the map and select the church on the lower left.

There’s a beast guarding the church door. In your inventory use the beaker of sleeping draught on the steak and give the poisoned steak to the dog. Use the church doors next to the dog and they seem to be sealed shut.  Look at  the church doors to see the coin slot with a piece of chewing gum in it. Use the toothpicks from your inventory on the gum to pry it out and then put your found coin into the slot.

Leave the slot and use the doors to go inside. Use the lectern on the left to read the book. Use the door on the right and you’re captured and taken to the cult leader. Talk to the leader and tell him you’ve come to rescue Mrs. D. Then tell him you’ve worked it out on your own. Then he’ll tell you that he needs a last sacrifice for the machine and that you’re the chosen one. When he tells you it’s time to go downstairs, use the door to run away.

You’ll find the ‘machine’ Jeremiah was talking about. Use the panel left of the door to unlock it and then use the door to enter. There’s Mrs. D. To release her, use the console in the center of the room to set the language to English and then use the buttons on the wall on the upper left to release Mrs. D. To unlock the door, use the buttons on the console to the right of Mrs. D. Then use the door with strange markings to leave.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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