You were called to the scene of a homicide. If that sherrif wasn’t in your way, you would be able to investigate.

Talk to sherrif Morrison. Tell him you want to investigate the man’s death. When he refuses to let you see, tell him all about the law and the bylaw. Now he’ll let you have a quick look. Hell tell you about the victim and gives you a BUSINESS CARD of the deceased. Look at the body to learn about the weapon and the direction of the attack. Look at the business card to learn the address of Adrian’s work. Let’s pay it a visit.

Leave the station to the north and select Cloudy Days as destination. Talk to the klerk and find out all you can. It’s not much but at least you’ve got the fact of the calls and a first name: Sean. Ask for a copy of Adrian’s home address.

Walk to the south to leave the office and select Elkwoods apartment. Walking up the stairs you find number 23 to be Adrian’s apartment but you can’t enter. Go down the stairs again and knock on the door of the superintendant. Talk to her and tell her what has happened and ask her for the key. She won’t give you one without a warrant. Walk to the south to leave the apartments and select the police station on the PDA.


Use the computer and enter WARRANT as criteria. You’ll get the address of Judge Rudy as a result. Walk to the south and go to the courthouse. Talk to the judge and tell her what it’s for. You will get your WARRANT. Leave the courthouse and return to Elkwood’s apartment. Knock on the door of the superintendant and tell her about the warrant. You’ll get the KEY.

Walk up the stairs and use the key on the door number 23. Enter the apartment and search all rooms. Very clean except for the torn paper clippings on the table. Use them to read the message about Mallory Farm. Not much more to find here. Walk to the south, go down the stairs twice and leave the apartments. Select the police station.

Use the computer again and search for Mallory Farm. There’s a report with a complaint about stock being mutilated. Leave the station but as you want to leave the phone rings. It’s a call to tell you that Morrison has left the scene and that you can investigate now. Walk to the south and select the train station to go to.

Walk to the left and look at the chalk outline. Look at the phone booth and use the booth to do a thorough search. On top of the booth you find the KNIFE. It’s still bloody so be carefull with it. Look at the knife to see the details and note the initials carved in there: SM. Could that be S for Sean? And M for Mallory?

Walk all the way to the right and around the building. Use the flowers to do a thorough search there as well and notice the crushed flowers. Walk back to the left and leave the station at the north. Go back to the police station. Use the computer and search for Sean Mallory. It will give the address of the person and the posession of a knife. Let’s pay the man a visit.

Walk to the south and select 6 Appleview Road as destination. Knock on the door and a man will let you in. Talk to the man and now you will have to construct the story of what you think went on that day. Here’s what happened:

– The dagger matches the registered description and has the initials.
– The deceased was Adrian Elkwood.
– He moved from Mallory Farm.
– Mention the state of the room.
– the stock was attacked by wild animals.
– he followed the victim.
– he started harrasements over the phone.
– in the apartment was the message about Mallory Farm.
– he followed him to London.
– he stabbed him in the back.
– He went around the back.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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