You’re in a lion’s cage and need to get out!

INV shows you have a pair of shoes. Select them to find there are laces in them. TAKE LACES and your shoes are untied.

Walk over to the pool of water. There’s something shiny. LOOK SHINY. You can’t quite see. TAKE SHINY and there you have your spoon (10/10). Now a spoon isn’t a weapon so.. walk to the edge of the arena and SHARPEN SPOON ON STONE (10/20).

Walk to the left and LOOK TREE. Low hanging branches and poisonous berries. Wow. TAKE BRANCH to find it way too firm. SAW BRANCH to try to saw it off with your spoon… (10/30). TAKE BRANCH still doesn’t work somehow. USE LACES ON BRANCH to break the branch (20/50). The laces are worthless now but you have the branch.


TAKE BERRIES to separate them from the branch (10/60). PUT BERRIES IN BOWL to spike the food of the lion (20/80). Now that the guard is calling his colleagues you must come up with a plan to get out and fast.  Walk to the right and while the guard is standing in the doorway KILL GUARD WITH BRANCH (20/100). The guard goes down and you can walk to the right.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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