Your task is to kill the dragon.

Read the notes in your inventory (2/2). Pick up your LUTE (4/6) and play something. The bartender rewards you with a mug of MEAD (4/10). Talk to Violet and she wishes you didn’t have to go (2/12).  Leave the inn on the south and walk to the left. Go to the left again and enter the combat training hall. The trainer is busy so walk into the office on the left. Talk to Turgon behind the desk about training and he’ll ask you for money. He’s also thirsty (6/18).

Give him the mug of mead and he’ll disappear . Use the drawer on the right side and find a golden KEY (4/22). Leave the office and leave the training centre.Walk to the right to the centre of town and south. At the signpost walk further south and find the farmers field in flames. Walk to the right and take the BUCKET that’s in front of the house (2/24). Walk back to the left and north twice  and use the bucket on the pump to get WATER (2/26).

Walk south twice and kill the fire with the bucket of water (8/34). From the remains take the RING (8/42). Walk to the south twice, then to the right. Be careful, you can come across some nasty creatures. If you do, quickly leave the screen and enter again. Look in the tree stump to find some COINS (2/44).

Walk to the right, then north to find a squirrel. But be careful, it’ll bite! Play your lute and the squirrel will be friends (6/50). Walk to the right and the squirrel will stay behind. Search the tree on the left to see the bark come off and reveal a hole. Use the hole to find a collectable DRAGON HEAD (8/58). You can use the tree on the right but it’ll only be knocked over.

Walk to the right, then north three times to the centre of town. Enter the armour shop on the left. Give the coins to the shopkeeper and he’ll give you a RUBBER CHICKEN (6/64).  Walk south to leave the shop. Walk south again and to the right and take some BERRIES from the bush (2/66). Eat the berries (4/70). Walk to the right again and north from there. Walk under the archway on the left to travel to Barak’s house and open the chests until you find a GEM (4/74).

Walk south to leave the house and north into the dark neighbourhood again. You should run into an old hag, if not, go south and north until you do. Talk to her and she’ll be asking for the gem. Give her the gem and gives you an ancient scroll (4/78).  Wander around the dark forest until you encounter the tavern. Go inside and talk to Chance the barkeeper and he’ll give you a GOLDEN MUG with ale (8/86).

Leave the tavern on the south and walk to the left. Keep walking to the left until you reach the cave entrance. Use the golden key on the gate to unlock it (4/90) and walk into the cave. Follow the path to the left and try not to fall off. At the end of the path you’ll find a corpse and when you walk further, you’ll reach the dragon (2/92). The dragon is asleep but when you walk further it’ll wake up.

To distract the dragon, throw the rubber chicken at it (4/96) and then Turgon walks in. He doesn’t want you to kill the dragon. In order to stop him, play your lute and the squirrel will come to your rescue (8/104).  Use the crystal shard on the dragon to kill it (12/116).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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