You arrive at the Monoko club and need to find courage to talk to your ex-boyfriend.

On the table is a bottle with VODKA and lemonade. Pick it up and see that the bottle is not open yet. On the dancefloor is an Australian guy who just got beaten. While he’s out cold, use him to get his HAT. Walk into the bar area in the lower right corner and use the stool on the right to move it a bit. Take the BOTTLE OPENER from the floor.

Give the hat to the man standing at the bar and he’ll give you his BEER. Walk south to leave the bar and in the club walk to the left. Enter the ladies room and see a razor on top of the door. Use the door to let the RAZOR fall down and pick it up. Leave the toilet again and walk further to the left into another bar area.

On the table is a bottle with SAVANNAH DRY. Take it and walk back to the right. Go down the stairs into the VIP bar. At the bar is Shaun. In your inventory use the bottle opener with the vodka to drink it. Use the opener on the Savannah Dry to open it and drink it. Use the beer on yourself to drink it too. Now you can talk to Shaun.

After the conversation you realize the time so walk to the right to leave the VIP bar and to the upper right in the hall to the exit of the club. Walk down the stairs on the left twice to reach the car park. Since you got the razor you can choose what to do next.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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