Look at the blue light on the right. It’s suspicious. But is you want to break it, you need more force. Use your flashlight on the suspicious light to smash it. That didn’t work out the way you planned because now there are two broken lights. Besides, the BATTERIES came out of your torch.

Go down the hatch and follow the tunnel to the right to a storage room. In the storage room there’s a WIRE. Take it. If the Laser doesn’t work there’s no use in taking it so first try to repair it with the batteries. One working LASER. Take that as well.

Float back to the left and go up the hatch. Then examine the wall. Next to the door is a loose panel you can open. Open it to expose wires. Use the wire you found in the storage room on the suspicious light to short circuit the door mechanism. You can now open the door.

Float to the right to find…. an alien. The only thing you can do now is shoot the alien. A good thing you repaired your lasergun. But shouldn’t you check the alien?….


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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