You got this CALL CARD at the funeral. And the message to call Marian Johnson.

In your inventory look at the call card. It was from Kevin Johnson. On the back of the card is a message. Look at the books in the cabinet next to the window. Old sci-fi books. Look at the books again: Asimov’s short sci-fi stories. Look at the books again to realise there’s this story “Mirror Image”. You open the book on the right page to find an ENVELOPE.

Look at the envelope in your inventory to open it and get a MAGNETIC CARD and a piece of PAPER out. Look at the paper and there are phonennumbers. But it looks like the number you need is unreadable by a coffee stain. Although… looking at the names on the paper you can see that looks like it. It’s an anagram of Marian Johnson: John Rian Mason.

When you devide the name in sylables and do the same with the number behind it, you get John (3), Ri (9), An (5), Ma (2), Son (6). Assemble the correct name again and you have another phone number: Ma (2), Ri (9), An (5), John (3), Son (6). Use the phone on the wall and enter the number 55529536 to call Marian. She’ll ask you to come to the lab.

When you’re out of your car walk to the left and use the magnetic card on the switchboard on the wall. A secret door will be revealed. Use the door to go inside and use the elevator door on the right to step into the elevator. Use the buttons on the left to take a closer look at the panel. There’s a cardreader again. Use the magnetic card on this reader as well and now the display says: please enter code. So… just do that.

Push the 2 (C), 6 (O), 3 (D) and 3 (E) and the elevator will take you to the right level. Use the door on the right and then the door on the left to knock on the office door of Dr. Conr0e. Inside you’ll meet Marian. There’s a problem with the console and she asks you to fix it first. Use the console on the cabinet on the left to have a closer look. You need to connect the correct wires.

This part of the game is random and different each time you start the game so no clear solution available. It’s similar to Mastermind so if you know how to beat that game this is easy: no duplicate colours and unlimited tries. Some suggestions to get the solution:

First try to get all colours. Take the first four colours. Look what happens. Probably not all four at once. Then replace just one colour and see again what happens.  More right? great! then the one you removed wasn’t in the intended set. Less right? Then the one you removed should be in the set. Replace another one with the same new colour and see what happens again.  Nothing changes? Then two possibilties: either both should be in the set (the one you removed and the one you put new in) or they’re both not in the set.

Try to switch them until you have the colours right. Them move them to get them in the right place. First swith the first two and see what happens. More right? Keep them and try the next. Less right? Reverse your last move and try to switch the next.

When the console is repaired you’ll meet Dr. Conroe. He’ll tell you some shocking news.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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