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The Duration Of A Game

How do you express the duration of a game? In minutes or days? In chapters? In megabytes? In number of puzzles?

But how long does a day of gaming take for you? Six hours (like mine) or 30 minutes. Maybe you like to wander around every scene you encounter and not go through the game that quickly. And what if a game doesn’t have chapters? And what if it has huge graphical content? Then the file size is big but still easy to finish. So I thought it was time for another way of expressing the duration: in words.

Each game will get a score. It’s the number of words needed to tell the solution. The walkthroughs I write don’t have unnecessary remarks, no added ‘trying to be witty’ comments and are solving the game most of the time the shortest path possible, so no unneeded wandering around. And the words used to describe that solution will make up the score for the duration. So big filesizes can get a low score, one puzzle can take ages because a lot is needed to get the job done. So the score will always give a clear example of the duration of the game.

Here are some references of popular games, just to give an indication on how the games relate to the score:

Nancy Drew 17 – Legend of the Crystal Skull: 4991
Leisure Suit Larry 2 – Looking For Love: 2429
Ben Jordan 1 – In search of the Skunk Ape: 710
Blackwell Legacy: 1147
King’s Quest 1 – Quest for the Crown: 1408

Over time, there will be a score for each game and added to the index. You can then also search for duration so you can play a really short game. At least, solvable in a short amount of time. And the duration of the game play is entirely up to you.