Once you’re trapped in the basement there has to be a way out. Pick up the FOOD, get the cup of WATER and take the BOOK. Open the book and read it. Chapter 1 is about panels and keys. Chapter 2 is about sensors and water. Hmmm. Interesting. Walk up the stairs to the door. Immediately someone opens the door and sends you back down. How did they know that?

Look at the bottom of the stairs very closely. There’s a tripwire that explains why they knew you were going up the stairs. But how to disarm it? Look at the food. Not very tastefull but it’s on a shiny plate. Eat the food and keep the plate. Use the plate on the tripwire to reflect the beam. Now you can go up the stairs and open the door.

It’s locked. Hmm. Chapter 2 said something about water and sensors. Use your glass of water on the door and go around the edges. On the top side of the door is the sensor. Your water vaporised but hey, the door is unlocked. Open the door and go to the hallway.

Open the middle cabinet and take the DRAIN CLEANER out. Take a BEER from the shelf above the worktop and use the beer on the glass that’s next to the sink. Use the drain cleaner as well on that glass and you have a spiked beer. Use your own glass on the tap to fill it with water again and go back to the basement. Close the door behind you and wait….


Since the door is locked again, use the glass of water again on the edge of the door. Open the door and you’re a free man. Walk to the left to leave the house and the game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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