Using the bean on the beanstalk you end up in heaven.

Look at the sign. It points to the edge of heaven. Walk to the left to reach it. But there you will be shot. You’ll make it to your creator and he’ll give you a HEALING POTION. After the creator has left, use the potion on yourself to heal yourself (1/1). Walk to the right and talk to the boy with his jumping ball. Ask him about the lost pages and he’ll tell you his mouth is too dry to talk.

Look at the sign. There’s a boulder underneath. Pick up the BOULDER (1/2)  and walk further to the right. In the village you can find an AXE on the ground next to the logs on the left. Pick it up (1/3)  and use the door of the house in the middle with the poster on it. It’s the pawnshop. Talk to the lender and learn that, in order to get money from him, you need to give him something of value. But there’s nothing in your inventory that’s valuable enough.

Walk to the left to leave the shop and enter the House of Lords on the right. Inside is the king. Talk to him and learn about the Excalibur. You return it to the king but since the rovk isn’t there, you’re not rewarded. Talk to the king about the spaghetti and he’ll ask for the ketchup.

Look at the bookcase on the left. Pick up the GOLDEN BOOK (1/4) and look at the book in your inventory. It’s a fake. Use the book in your inventory to get the CIGAR, the bottle of WHISKEY, the ICE CUBES, a white SHEET, a LIGHTER, a DISPENSER and a NOTE (7/11). Look at the note in your inventory to see a strange recipe.

Next to the bookcase is a broom. Pick up the broom to take a STICK and a BRUSH (2/13). Walk to the left to leave the house and outside walk to the camp in the upper right corner. Walk to the right and the guard will stop you. Talk to the guard and ask if you can pass. You can’t until you show him that you’ve come in peace.In your inventory use the white sheet with the broomstick to create a white flag (1/14). Use the white flag to show the guard you’ve come in peace (1/15).You can now walk further to the right.

Walk into the big tent on the right. You’ll tell  the mage about your quest and he’ll get you a glass of WATER. Pick it up (1/16) and look at it in your inventory. It’s a warm drink. Use the ice cubes with the drink (1/17) to make it a cold drink. Use the glass to drink it (1/18).

Use the glass again to take the ice cubes out (1/19). Then use the glass with the mage to return it to him (1/20).   Het also takes your spellbook. Talk to the mage and learn about the item he’s looking for. It’s the invisible cloak that’s in the dark castle. Ask about the castle and you’ll get directions  and a KEY (1/21).

Pick up some of the BLOOD that actually tomato ketchup is. Walk to the left to leave the tent. Walk to the left to leave camp and left again to enter the village. Use the door of the House of Lords to enter. The king is still eating but waiting for his ketchup. In your inventory use the blood with the dispenser (1/22) and give the dispenser to the king. He’ll give you a PAGE from the book of spells (1/23).

Walk to the left to leave the house. In your inventory use the brush with the iron bar and it will become yellow (1/24). Use the door of the pawnshop to enter and give the golden bar to the lender. He’ll turn around to check if the bar is real gold and while he’s checking, take the COIN from his desk (1/25). Walk to the left to leave the shop and outside use the coin with the coin slot of the rocka rolla machine (1/26). Nothing happens, the machine must be broken. Use the machine to give it a good kick (1/27)  and  the rocka rolla pops out. Pick up the ROCKA ROLLA (1/28).

Walk to the left and give the rocka rolla to the boy with the bouncing ball (1/29). He’ll leave his ball and tell you about the page. Pick up his BALL (1/30) and walk back to the right. In the village walk to the right again to reach a large log with a round boulder next to it. Use your axe on the log to make a bridge (1/31) and the log will fall the wrong way creating a swing system. Use the boulder from your inventory with the swing system and that plan also fails (1/32). Pick up the boulder again and see the hole it created.

Put the bouncing ball from the boy in the hole you just created (1/33). Use the boulder from your inventory on the swing system again and this time you’ll succeed. You’re on the other side (1/34). Walk further to the right to find a black castle. Use the snow to make a SNOWBALL (1/35). Use the key in your inventory on the gate  to unlock it (1/36) and use the gate again to open the door (1/37). But still you can’t go inside (you can try though).

In your inventory use the lighter with the cigar to light it (1/38). Use the smoking cigar with the gate of the castle and you’ll be able to see the laser beam (1/39). Walk through the dooropening into the castle. Inside the castle there’s a red button on the gate for the laser beam. Use the red button to deactivate the laser (1/40). Talk to the ghost on the right.

You’ll learn about the cloak and about the spell. You need to blow out all the candles. Use the candles below the ghost to see a close up. You must blow out all the candles. But beware, they are magic! To solve the puzzle: number the candles from 1 to 7, starting at the top and counting clockwise. The order to use them is:  1, 3, 5, 7, 2, 4 and 6 (7/47). The ghost will leave, dropping his CLOTHING (1/48).

Walk to the right to find the mirror. But it’s not working like an ordinary mirror. Keep talking to the reflection until the reflection mentions the Halloween party to attend. So if you get him a costume, the reflection will leave and you can get the invisible cloak. Remember the note from the king? Use the blood with the ghost clothing (1/49) and use the blue ice cubes with the red clothing (1/50).

Give the red costume to the reflection and he’ll be on his way (1/51). Walk further to the right and see several cloaks on hooks. One hook is empty though. Pick up the wall below the empty hook to take the INVISIBLE CLOAK (10/61). Search all others cloaks and in the yellow one on the right you will find another PAGE (1/62). Walk to the left to leave the mirror and walk further to the left to return to the gate. The walk through the gate to leave the castle.

Walk further to the left to reach the gap you leaped over before. Walk to the south near the edge and discover there’s a bridge. Walk further to the left and then north to the camp. Enter the camp and walk to the right. Use the big tent on the right to visit the mage again. Trick the mage into getting the invisible cloak by giving him the hollow golden book and saying the cloak is inside. He’ll give you the BOOK OF SPELLS back (1/63).

Walk to the left to leave the mage and go left twice to leave the camp and return to the village. Put the two pages from your inventory in the book of spells (10+10/83). Walk further to the left until you reach the green beantree again. Use the invisible cloak (1/84) to become invisible and walk further to the left to reach the edge of heaven. This time the guard can’t see you. Walk over to the edge on the left and use the white sheet  as a parachute to return to the island.  (1/85). Only three more pages to go.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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