You must find the 10 missing pages from the book.

Look around in your room. Take the WALKMAN from the cupboard (1/1) and use it in your inventory to get the TAPE out (1/2). Use the tape with the stereo to change the music (1/3). Talk to the High Priest. Tell him you’re ready to go and he’ll take you to his world in 1373.

Chapter 1: The prophecy

Walk to the boy sitting in the street on the right and he’ll give you  the BOOK of spells with 12 pages missing (1/4). Look through the window to see the poster (1/5). Walk to the road on the left side and meet the bard.


Talk to the bard but he won’t listen. Interact with him to silence him in a more persuasive way. At least you have his LYRE (1/6).  Walk to the north to see the island map and walk to the north of the island where you can find a bird and a boat. In the sand is a PAIL. Pick it up (1/7) and walk to the right to return to the map.

Walk to the bridge on the right side of the island. There’s a page on the other side of the gorge but you can’t reach it. Use the nest to get a few BRANCHES from under it (1/8). Walk to the left to return to the map and walk to the south to reach the desert.  Talk to the gunman and you’ll get shot.. joke. Talk again and tell him he can’t hit an elephant. He’ll challenge you and you’ll have to find him a target.

Use  the pail with the green big rock and tell the gunman to shoot it (1/9). Pick up the PAIL again which is now full of holes (1/10). Walk to the right to see the map again and walk to the left side of the island to return to the town. On the rim of the well is now a bottle of MILK. Take it (1/11) and walk north back to the map again.

Walk to the forest in the lower left of the center and take the two STICKS standing there (1/12). Behind the black tree on the right is a snake. Use the bottle of milk with the snake and soon thereafter the snake is asleep (1/13). Pick up the SNAKE (1/14).  Leave the forest on the left and go to the cave in the center of the island.

Walk into the cave and  use the baseball sticks with the branches from the nest to make a light (1/15) and talk to the caveman. It’s Mozart and he found some papers in the forest. You want those of course. Ask for them and you can’t have them because Mozart needs them for inspiration. Walk to the left to leave the cave and outside walk to the right to see the map. Walk to the left of the island to visit the village again.

At the well, use the snake with the pail (1/16) so you can lower the pail into the well (1/17). You’ll catch a FISH (1/18). Leave town again by walking to the north and on the map walk to the beach on the north side of the island. Put the fish back in the sea (1/19) and as token of appreciation the fish will give you a RING (1/20).  With the ring you can talk to animals so talk to the bird on the boat. The bird has a potion for you but first you must solve a riddle:

If I say 6, you’ll say 3.
If I say 12, you’ll say 6.
If I say 10, you’ll say…. 3
If I say 4, you’ll say …. 4
If I say 2, you’ll say … 3

(six has three letters, twelve has six letters, ten has three letters, four has four letters and two has three letters).

The bird will give you a magic eehh… MUSIC POTION (1/21). Walk to the right to return to the map and walk to the cave in the center of the island. Enter the cave and use the potion. You’ll drink the potion and start playing the lyre (1/22). Mozart is inspired and wants the lyre. He’ll give you the MUSIC SHEET and a PAGE from the book (1/23).  Use the page with the book of spells (10/33). Only 9 pages to go.

Walk to the left to leave the cave and outside walk to the right to see the map. Walk to the forest left below the cave and walk to the right in the forest, past the poured milk. On the ground there’s a lid but you can’t open it. Look at the music sheet in your inventory. You can see notes on the page, keys and in the middle the vertical line is called a BAR. Pick it up and the sheet will disappear (1/34).

Use the bar on the metal lid (1/35) and go through the hole.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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