It’s three little pigs on the menu today.

Pick up the powder bag next to the table to get some GUNPOWDER. Take the RIFLE that’s hanging on the wall. Use the door to leave the cottage and take the SAW next to your door. Walk to the north to town. Use the door of the building on the left. It’s the bar. Have a good look around.

On the table in the front is a dead man lying on his back. In his chest is a KNIFE. Take it and go over to the fireplace. Look at it and take some of the FIREWOOD from it. Talk to Ben and ask for a bullet. You won’t get it. Leave the bar on the right and use the doors of the warehouse behind the statue. Talk to the doctor studying and take a TEST TUBE from the rack. Look at the helium tank and talk to the doctor again to ask for some helium. You first have to get him some plutonium.

Walk to the south to leave the warehouse and talk to captain Leroy next to the bar. He’ll tell you about the fish potion. Walk south again to reach the crossroad. Go left to the river. Take the oars from the stream. They’re pretty sturdy so you should do that twice to get the OARS out of the water. Use your knife on the REEDS on the left to cut some off and use your knife on the stream to catch a big FISH. Use your knife on the fish to cut it open and use the test tube on the fish to get the JUICE from it. Walk to the right to leave the stream and go north back to town.


Use the firewood with the oars and use the reeds with them to secure the LADDER. Use the ladder with  the roof of the bar on the left and use the ladder again to climb it. Use the saw with the IRON PIPE on the chimney to saw it off. Pick up the roof to make a hole in it. Use the juice in the tube with the hole in the roof to spike Ben’s drink and he’ll go knock out.

Use the ladder to climb down and use the door of the bar to go inside. Look at Ben to take the BULLET from him and then oick up BEN with you in your inventory. Leave the bar on the right and enter the warehouse behind the statue. Use the gunpowder with the rifle and use the bullet with the rifle. The use the loaded gun on the doctor to get rid of him. Use Ben on the hose of the helium tank to fill him with HELIUM.

Walk to the south to leave the warehouse and walk south again to the hills. Go south a third time to visit the house of the little piggies. But there’s a wolf guarding the house and he won’t let you get near the house. Use Ben the Bear with the sleeping fox and he’ll float away.

Pick up the STONE on the grass. The door is locked. Use the iron pipe with the door to jam it. Use the gunpowder with the test tube and use the explosive test tube with the door. Then use the rock on the door to create a blast. Walk through the doorway to find two pigs unconcious, the third will escape.

Outside use some gunpowder with the gun and use the iron stick with the gun as harpoon. Use the gun with the chimney and the third pig won’t survive. Enjoy your meal.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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