[TIP: Some items are hard to find, even if you know where to get them. Is a location can be used, the hand-icon will turn red on that location. To use objects, first use the hand-icon to locate the spot, then on that spot change the cursor to the object you want to use there.]

You’re in the basement and the stairs are on fire!

Take the FUDGE from the table and take the BROOM from the left corner. Use the broom with the fudge to make the broom sticky and use it on the EXTINGUISHER to pick it from the hot corner. Use the extinguisher on the flames on the stairs so the fire is out. But you still can’t use the stairs.

On the tall cupboard on the right is a KEY on top of the left cabinet. You can’t see it but it is there. Use the key on the lower left cabinet. You now have a HAMMER. Use the hammer on the vase in the left corner.

Something under the chairs under the table is now activated because you can take another KEY from the one on the right. Use the key on the most left cabinet on the ceiling on the left. This will give you a SNOWBALL. Use the snowball on the fireplace to move it aside and walk over the hole you’ve now revealed.

In the cave walk up the ramp to the outside of the cave and you’re safe.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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