After talking to the cop you need to find another way in.

Look around the property. There’s gate but it’s full of electricity. Talk to the cop again and ask for suggestions. Use the grate next to the car that leads to the sewer. Downstairs walk all the way to the right and climb the stairs to reach the first floor of the building.

Doors on the right are closed without any handles so the only option is to take the elevator. Go to the second level to find an identical floor so use the elevator to go to level 3. Walk all the way to the right and on the table is a control panel. Use it to see the presentation. While viewing another door on the left opens. You’ll walk over there and find a security room.

On the left is a monitor and a card printer. Look at it and use the monitor to see that you need a username and password. Leave the room on the right and then you realize that the other doors probably will be open too. Use the elevator and go to level 2.

There’s a green glow on the right that you need to investigate. It’s a holographic map of the building. Take a look to see what’s where. Note that there are stairs where the elevator can’t go. Leave the room and enter the room next to it. It’s a briefing room. Next to the monitor is a memo that when you read it, reveals a password.

Use the computer and browse through all topics to learn about the personell, the building and the activities going on. While viewing the Staff/Dr.Maze files the connection is lost and there’s a log next to the monitor. Read the log to find the username of the supervisor. Leave the room and take the elevator back to level 3. Enter the security room on the left and use the monitor.

All details will be entered and you’ll get a SECURITY CARD. Walk to the right to leave the room and use the elevator to first floor. Enter the room at the top right to find a big crack in the floor. Go in the room on the lower right and find a big centrifuge. On the floor is a PAPER. Look at it and take it. Leave the room again and step into the elevator.

Use the security card on the slot below level 1. There’s a phone so you use it to call the officer and update him. Enter the room on the right and find the power problem. You need to switch it off first. On the wall just after the entrance is a FIREAXE. Take it and walk all the way to the right. Look at the generator causing the problem. Use the fireaxe on the generator to shut it down and secure the room.

Use the door on the right to leave the computer room and find a dead body behind the door. It’s Dr. Carter. Talk to her and since she’s still alive, you’d better call for help. Use the door on the left to the computer room and walk to the left. Use the pressure door again and use the phone on the wall to inform the officer and get an ambulance. Use the door on the right again and walk to the right. Use the pressure door again and talk to Dr. Carter to tell her help is on the way. She’ll then tell you about the situation in the building.She’ll then give you her SECURITY CARD and tell you about the three way door.

Use the door in the back to leave the security room. You’re now facing a soor with three latches and you only have two cards. Look at the map on the left to orientate. Look on the shelves and find a toolbox. Use the toolbox and take the SCREWDRIVER out. ]

Take the red card out of the inventory and put it in the slot on the console in the center of the room. The first latch will open. Do the same with the green card and the second latch will open. Use the screwdriver on the first latch and take the red card from the console. Then use the red card with the third slot on the console to open the third latch.

Use the door to leave the room and enter the herbarium. Look around. Walk to the left and find the emergency exit behind the plants. Use the exit and climb the stairs to the mailbox. Use it to find an invitation to the doctor. Walk further up and look at the monitor to find lifesigns in the building. Walk down the stairs back into the herbarium.

Straight ahead you’ll find a power unit and a pressure console unit. The right lever of the pressure control unit is set to low. Use it to set it to 50 just like the others. Walk to the south again and then to the right. Use the door to enter the library.

There’s a hologram of a spaceship. Use the control button below to see the mission status of Dr. Maze. So that was the explosion. Walk to the left and look in the shelves. On the one in the middle you can find an article about the MazeLab. Walk all the way to the right and use the door to enter the staircase and find another body. This time it’s Michael but you’re just too late. Look at him and use his body to see the watch.

Use the door on the left to go to the next room. Look around. There’s someone behind the window to the safe room. Talk to the person. It’s Dr. Maze. He’ll tell you about the security room and how to disable ISS. Use the door on the left to enter the security room. There should be an invisible forcefield that becomes visible in the dark. Use the panel on the wall to switch off the light and a maze becomes visible.

Walk through maze to the left side of the room. On your way you’ll meet Dr. Carter but that’s only a hologram and when you’re almost near the door a pit will open. Not to worry, just walk across, it’s a projection. Then you reach the consoles of ISS.

Use thge main switch behind the panel on the right to power off ISS. Then you realize that Jeff’s body isn’t located yet. Use the doors to the main research area to find his body. Look at his body to find the gunshot wound and look at the monitor to see the status of the flight. Look at the Maze Flyer and the inconsistency in Dr. Maze’s story.

Walk to the south to leave the room and meet the Dr. again. He’ll tell you the story and locks you up in the safe room. Look at the monitor on the left to see what happens next with Dr. Maze.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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