Talk to the lady at the reception desk. Ask her who you are, where you are and how to get back.Not a satisfying answer.

Walk to the right and she’ll call you back. You get an ID-CARD. Walk to the right to leave the building. Follow the path through the forrest until you reach the bar and the shop. On the street is a pair of SCISSORS. Take them before someone gets hurt. Enter the bar.

Talk to Bert, sitting at the table. Talk about everything, also what he does in his spare time. Ask if you should look for something and you’ll get his METAL DETECTOR.  Leave the bar and follow the path to the left to the beach. Use the metal detector on the beach and on the spot left of the beach ball, a bit higher, you’ll find some COINS.

Use the lower right corner to leave the beach and enter the shop. Talk to the shopkeeper and you’ll buy a bottle of LAXATIVE. Leave the shop on the south and follow the path to the right to the castle. In the grass is a WATERING CAN. Pick it up and talk to the guard. He has a nasty cough. Give him the laxative and he’ll run off. But you can’t enter the castle because you don’t have the right ID-card.

Walk to the south and follow the path to the left to the beach. Use the watering can on the sea to fill it with water. Leave on the lower right again and walk to the north, through the forest, back to the reception. Use the watering can on the plant on the left and before you know it, you have a SEED. Walk to the right again and keep following the path until you’re at the square and enter the bar.

Talk to the bar-keep about everything and also about the guard. The bar-keep will give you the ID-CARD of the guard. Leave the bar and follow the path to the right to the castle. In front of the gate you need to create the correct ID-card.

Use the scissors on your own ID-card to take the photo off. Use the seed on the photo to make it sticky. Use the sticky photo on the ID-card of the guard and you can enter. Inside talk to the golden guard. Give your fake ID-card and he’ll take you to the king.

The king will let you use the big hole Bert dug but you must first find the key in the forest. When you’re outside again, walk through the gate and you’re on the beach (?). Leave the beach at the lower right and walk to the north to the forest. In the high grass in the lower left corner is the key with cellotape stuck to a leaf. Take the KEY and walk to the right. Follow the path to the right, back to the castle and enter the gate. Give the fake ID-card to the golden guard and you can see the king again.

You are now alowed to use the hole and go back home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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