You are walking down the alley when suddely you meet a lizard (1/1).

Talk to the lizard (1/2) and find out it’s an evil one who gives you the choice: being eaten or get him four items. Well, not too difficult, right? Talk to the cat (1/3). Walk to the left to reach the alley again, walk to the left once more to reach the orchard. Look at the tree and apple (1/4). Take the BLUE APPLE (1/5) and you’ll meet the owner of the tree.

Ask him nicely if you can take the apple and you can. Walk to the right and you’re back at the lizard. Walk to the left, alley again and this time go south. Suddely you’re on a boat.  Talk to the chap and ask for the GIFT (1/6). You can have it. Walk to the left and you’re in front of a castle.

Walk to the north to enter the castle. Inside you can find a burger. Meg still hasn’t eaten it. Talk to Meg (1/7) but has not much to say. Talk to the boy with the cape and you can have the BURGER (1/8). Use the shadow on the wall to go to the brides room. Talk to the person standing there and ask about the CANDLE (1/9). You can take it.


Walk to the right to reach the castle again, walk south to leave the castle. Walk south again and you’re on the boat again. Walk to the upper left and you’re back at the lizard. Talk to the lizard to give all the items you found (1/10).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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