You’re on your own in your adventure.

On the left is a STICK. Pick it up and walk further to the left. Near the gorge is some thing GOLD. Use the stick on it to take it. Look at it in your inventory and find a NOTE inside. Walk further to the left.

There’s a BOOK. Pick it up and look at it in your inventory. It’s in a language you don’t understand. There’s also a PLANK on the floor. Take it with you. Use the ladder in the back to climb the tower. It’s the door is secured with an OCRLock that needs a written code. Put the note you found earlier in the golden cup with the reader and the door will open. Use the door to go through.

In the room there’s a gap in the floor. Put the plank over it and walk to the right. Use the door to go to the next room. Keep walking to the right, over the rope into the tree and further to the right until you find the entrance of a tomb. Use the entrance to…


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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