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Technobabylon Part 3: In Nuntius Veritas – Walkthrough (Technocrat/2011)

By Leon | October 13, 2016

Technobabylon Part 3 Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

You are in a holding area

In your inventory use the ‘Connect To Trance’ module. It doesn’t work but will give you wetware.hlp a document in memory that teaches you how to create wetware modules.

Use the communications terminal to talk to the officer who can explain why you’re here, who put you here and what you can do to relax. Eventually he’ll give you some PAPERS to fill in and TOKENS to get a meal from the food machine.

Look at the top bunk. There’s a man in there but no way you’ll understand what he says nor will he move or wake up.

Pick up the blue CUP from the floor and use the cup on the water dispenser in the bed to get some WATER. Use the token in the food machine and it’ll dispense something the should resemble FOOD and a UTENSIL.

Put the food in the cup of water where it immediately dissolves. Add the wetware residue from your inventory to the cup. Now you need to heat it up. Maybe the broken light can help. Use the table to climb on it and the officer comes running in. You need to get some privacy here.  Throw the food at the camera to cover it in muck and block the view.  You will get told off (again) but hey, you’ve got some privacy now.

Use the table again to climb on it and use the utensil on the broken light to … oops. There’s still power on it. Use the utensil on the top bunk to cut a piece of PLASTIC from the sheet and in your inventory wrap the plastic around the utensil to insulate it. Now climb on the table again and use the utensil on the broken light once more.

The crack that was there has widened a bit and you can now use the papers from your inventory on the broken light and set it on fire. Put the documents from your inventory in the waste paper bin next to the bunk and use the burning paper on it to create a fire.

Hold the cup over the burning bin to heat it and create your WETWARE MODULE. Select the Connect To Trance from your inventory and use it on the terminal on the left. You need to break the security by copying what you see. Repeat three times to gain access to Trance and you’ll get to know the whole story.

Back in your room use the Connect To Trance from your inventory on Guy in the top bunk. You need to fight the red cells until there’s only one left. The game is random so no real help here other than: keep trying.

From reading the memory you find out that Guy needs epinephrine which you will store in your memory. You need to create something like this. Use the communication terminal next to the door to call for help and the officer and a medical drone will come to your aid. Whilst the officers is busy attending to Guy, use the medical drone to take an INJECTOR and a SCALPEL from it. The officer and drone will leave again.

Use the scalpel  on the food machine to recover the POWER MODULE, the OPTICAL MODULE and the MEMORY MODULE.  Look at the power module. It’s lost its power so use the table to climb on it and use the power module on the broken light to charge it. Use the table again to climb down.

Look at the memory module. It’s from a food machine but if you combine it with the epinephrine memory you have, the memory module will be adjusted. Look at the optical module. The lens is broken so should be replaced.  You could use one from the camera but you can’t reach it. You could move the table but it’s bolted to the floor. Use the food token from your inventory on the bolts at the base of the table to unscrew them and then push the left edge of the table twice to move the table under the camera.

Use the table to climb on it and then use the rubber covered utensil from your inventory on the camera to take the LENS out. Use the table again to climb down and then insert the lens into the optical module.

Put the memory module, the optical module and the power module back into the food machine and then operate the machine with the token you still have. This will produce ADRENALINE that will be put into the injector.

Use the injector with adrenaline on Guy and then use the Connect To Trance from your inventory on him. Guy will tell you more and will give you a DISC with program to access the service bot so you can get a cutting tool.

Use the Network Terminal on the left and select Drone/Utl. You now need to control the bot to the green square, then download the access code and move to the red square. You need to give all the instructions first, then execute the command. Repeat this three times.  The sequence for each level (RL = rotate left (counter clock), RR = rotate right (clockwise), DL = download, FW = forward):

1st: RL, FW, RR, FW, FW, FW, FW, RR, FW, FW, RL, FW, DL, RR, RR, FW, RL, FW, FW, FW, FW, RR, FW, FW, FW, FW – Execute (25 instructions).

2nd: RR, FW, FW, RR, FW, FW, FW, RL, FW, FW, RR, FW, RL, FW, FW, RL, FW, FW, FW, RR, FW, RL, DL, RL, FW, RL, FW, FW, FW, RR, FW, FW, RR, FW, FW, FW, FW, FW, RR, FW, RL, FW, RR, FW, FW – Execute (44 instructions).

3rd: FW, RL, FW, FW, FW, FW, FW, FW, RL, FW, FW, RL, FW, FW, RR, FW, FW, FW, RR, FW, FW, FW, RL, FW, DL, RL, RL, FW, RR, FW, FW, FW, RR, FW – Execute (33 instructions).

The drone now enters the room. Use the drone to try to get the cutter but it won’t allow access. Use the Connect To Trance on Guy again to ask for advice and he’ll loosen the grip on his cover. He’ll give you the plastic SHEET. Use the sheet on the drone and it’ll power down. Use the drone once more to get the CUTTER from it.

Use the table edge on the right side of the table and push the table twice, all the way to the left. Then climb on the table and use the cutter on the vent to escape.
Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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