You thought you had some time for yourself… wrong.

Tower South:

No matter what you say to the girl, she’ll hang herself anyway. To cut her down, pull the SHEARS from under the rock twice to get them out. But in the action, you broke them. Use the toolbox next to the rock to get a roll of TAPE and a telescopic RAKE from it. In your inventory use the tape on the shears and then attach them to the rake. Now use the cutting tool on the girl to cut her down.

Examine the  girl to take the ROPE from her neck. Examine the girl again to discover she’s breathing but not as should be. You decide to make a call and get instructions: tourniquet, disinfect and bandage. Use the rope on the girl to tie her arm. Examine the pink petals on the left to find your bottle of SPIRITS. Use it on the girl to disinfect. Then take the SHIRT from the rock on the right and in your inventory use your multi tool  on it to cut ribbons. Use these on the girl as bandage. Help will arrive shortly.

Transit Center:

When offered a vest, take it. It won’t harm you.

Talk to the bomber. Ask if he’s an American and what his demands are. Ask him about the choice of target and he’ll tell you about the error. You then recognize his symptoms and ask him about the blood sugar levels. Tell him about his childhood and then offer him  help. Another job successfully completed.

Summerglow Apartments:

Mr. van der Waal doesn’t respond to you call. Still, according to intelligence he should be home. Talk to the maid and see that she has run out of power. Go upstairs to find the reason why ~Mr. van der Waal didn’t say anything.

Examine the body on the floor in the pool of blood. Then examine the pool. There seems to be something at the bottom. Just a bit to the right there’s a wineglass on the floor. Examine it and Dr. Lao will conclude that there might have been more in the glass than only wine. If only you had a bartender. Just in front of the bed there’s a HAND on the floor. Examine it and pick it up. It has traces of the maid in there.  To the right of the bed is a photo frame on the floor. Pick up the PICTURE and examine it in your inventory. Then walk to the controls on the right next to the door. It has been damaged by a bullet but can be fixed with a long piece of metal.

In front of the bed is a COAT HANGER on the floor. Pick it up and use it on the controls to bypass the faulty circuit. Use the controls and choose which wardrobe you’d like to pop up. The outdoor one has the best result. Take the FISHING ROD from the wardrobe and use the rod on the pool to catch a PISTOL.

Leave the room and see what you can find out downstairs. Talk to the food processor. Very cooperative but hasn’t seen anything. Talk to the drinks machine. Same story. Then talk to the maid. Since she ran out of power, you first need to charge her. Take a KNIFE from the counter on the left and use it on the maid to get the BATTERY out. Walk back upstairs and use the battery on the charger on the left of the bed to get some power. When charged, walk downstairs again and insert the battery back into the maid.

Talk to the maid to discover that she isn’t telling anything. Let’s see if the manufacturer can help. Use the terminal to see that you need a password and a hand print. So, since you don’t know the password, ask for a hint. You’ve examined the picture so you can enter ‘paris’ as password. That’s the first step. Use the terminal again, and now it wants the hand print. When you use the hand from your inventory on it, it can sense that the hand is dead.

On the right on the counter is a tube of HEATING GEL. Take it, look at it in your  inventory and set the temperature to 37°C. Use the gel on the hand and then use the hand on the terminal again, this time to get access. Use the terminal once more to get in touch with the manufacturer.

During your conversation you find out that the maid has customized software. And since the manufacturer didn’t supply this kind of software, can’t help you further but suggests to try the maid again. Talk to the maid. It’s not getting you anywhere. Use the terminal again to contact the manufacturer. In your conversation you learn that there are ways to restore memory by swapping modules from other appliances.

The manufacturer will upload a SPLITTER to your handheld  so you can remove and replace modules of the maid. Ask more about the splitter to learn the functionality. So you need to replace the personality of the maid with a more ‘helpful’ one.  Use the splitter on the maid to get the MAID MEMORY, the MAID ROLE MEMORY and MAID PERSONALTY. Use the splitter on the food machine as well to get the FOOD MEMORY, the FOOD ROLE MEMORY and the FOOD PERSONALITY.

Now all you need is the personality of the food machine so use the food personality on the maid and put back the maid memory and the maid role memory. Talk to the maid again and you’re getting there. The maid needs something from the crime scene to jog her memory.

Give the pistol to the maid and apparently there’s something with the wine. But the role memory doesn’t hold any information on the wine. Use the splitter on the maid to remove the MAID MEMORY, the MAID ROLE MEMORY and the FOOD PERSONALITY. Use the splitter also on the drinks machine on the left to receive the DRINK MEMORY, the DRINK ROLE MEMORY and the DRINK PERSONALITY.

Time to create a ‘new’ maid: insert the maid memory, the food personality and the drink role memory. Now you have a maid who knows all about drinks and would love to make you a meal. Give the pistol again to the maid and the whole story unfolds.

Tower South:

Pick up the glass container and you’ll be contacted by the criminal again. He wants you to blow up the apartment block. But where do you get explosives? Leave and decide to go back to pathology.


Use the sheet on the deceased to feel underneath and take a BONE. Careful, it’s explosive! Now that you have your bomb, leave and travel to City Housing.

City Housing:

Not much you can do here other than to destroy it. In your inventory, heat the gel to something hot (over 75°C will do) and put it on the bone. Then drop the bone and leave..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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