Use your own bin to get the BUCKET out.

Take the STICK from the dumpster to lock Terence in. Use his bin to get his ID CARD. Walk to the right into the street and try to enter the Runny Inn. The bouncer won’t let you. Talk to him and give him the ID card. Now you can enter. Walk into the Inn and talk to Mr. Smooth at the bar. He’s not happy.

Leave the bar on the lower left to get back into the street and walk further to the left. Enter the bank and take the SCISSORS from the desk. Use the scissors on the locked cupboard to open it and take the DUSTPAN from it. Talk to the girl behind the counter and ask for an account. Suppose you actually don’t need one. Then ask for a job but there’s nothing  available.

Leave the bank and walk back to the right. Enter Big Boy Publishing and talk to the girl behind the desk.. familiar face. Ask to see Mr. Crocker on behalf of Mr. Smooth. You can’t but Bipasha tells you about Mr. Crockers phobia. Leave the office and walk to the right. Enter the Pets Appreciation Center.

Talk to Peta behind the desk and after the conversation, use the dustpan on the loose FUR in the cages on the right. Leave the shop and walk further to the right. Talk to Raj outside his restaurant and after the conversation he’ll give you a CURRY. Leave the docks and walk left back to the Runny Inn. Go inside and put the curry on the table. You’ll eat it and visit the toilet straight after that.

It left you with an inconvenience though so use the scissors on yourself to get the DANGLE friend from that nasty place. Leave the Inn and enter the alley to the right of the Inn. Use the stick on the dumpster to open it and use the dumpster to wake up Terrence. Talk to him and after the conversation give him the fur. He’ll make it into a WIG. Leave the alley and enter Big Boy Publishing.

Use the wig on yourself and now that you have hair, you’ll be able to see Mr. Crocker. Use the elevator to go to the 7th floor. After the breakdown, use the emergency button to call for help, then talk to the emergency button to talk. When the answer is banging from the emergency hatch, take  the BAR from just under the mirror and use the bar on the escape hatch.  Black Hole will fall to the rescue and once the elevator is moving again, he’ll give you a WALKIE TALKIE.

On the 7th floor, talk to the man behind the desk. You’ll learn about the computers and try to get a wardrobe. No luck in both.  Look at the sculpture on the left. It has a COLLAR you can take. In your inventory, put the collar on the dangle and then tie the rope to it to create a pet. Talk to Mr. Crocker again and tell him you’re feeling hot. He’ll tell you to turn on the fan. Use the fan and the wig will blow off, scaring Mr. Crocker away.

Pick up the MAGAZINE from the desk and leave the office south. Walk to the right to exit the building and enter the Runny Inn. Give the magazine to Mr. Smooth and he’ll give you a SUIT. Leave the Inn and enter Big Boy Publishing next door. Talk to Bipasha and learn about the jobs she has. Learn about the animal phobia of Raj and the fact that he might have a job for you. Leave the building on the right and in the street walk all the way to the right until you reach the restaurant. Talk to Raj and he’ll tell you about the slush.

Give the bucket to Raj and he’ll fill it with SLUSH. When he wants you to get rid of it, throw the slush in the water below the pier and you’ll hit the fisherman. He’ll be awake and dirty and won’t let you have the shoes he dropped until he’s clean. Use the dustpan on him to clean him and then talk to him again. You need to help him catch some fish, and you know a good fisherman! Use the walkie talkie on the fisherman so Black Hole will help you out here. You’ll end up with the SHOES.

Leave the harbour and enter the Pet Appreciation office. Use the door to the private room since there’s no one there and you’ll be asked for a password. Leave the building and walk to the left. Enter Big Boy Publishing and talk to Bipasha. Ask her about jobs and ask her the password for the Pet Appreciation office. She’ll give it to you. Leave the building and walk to the left. Enter the Pet Appreciation office and use the ‘Private’ door.

Inside you’ll win the first prize and earn a RIBBON. You give your pet away. Pick up the HAIR DRYER from the table. Now to dress up: in your inventory use the scissors on the suit to cut it to size. Use the scissors on the ribbon to cut it into a tie. Use the hair dryer on the socket in the wall on the right and then use the shoes on the hair dryer. Your suit is ready and you’ll put it on.

leave the back room and leave the office. In the street walk all the way to the left to reach Business Corp. Walk up the stairs and once inside use the red chair to talk to Mr. Corps.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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