Ranger Bernie will tell you what happened.

Talk some more with Bernie to know what you can expect. Tell him you have a plan and he’ll suggest that Ranger Dick comes along. Use the fridge on the right and take the SANDWICH out. In the drawer on the right you find a BROCHURE. Leave the cabin and talk to Ranger Dick. He’ll only join you if you can give him an amulet.

Walk to the left and talk to the lady in the information stand. Ask as much as you can to learn about the Neverglades. On the left is Floyd. Talk to him as well. He doesn’t believe the story of the ape. Look at the display case. Old artifacts that might be useful for an amulet. But the receptionist is watching.

Take the PICTURE on the right from the noticeboard and use it on the computer. Take the brochure from your inventory and use it on the computer too. Out come a new PHOTO with both together. Give it to Floyd and he has some food for discussion. While he’s distracting the receptionist, you can use the display case to get the ancient TOOTH out. Walk further to the left.

There are bushes and a terrible smell. Use the sandwich on the bushes and walk to the right. Immediately return to the left again and see the sandwich is gone. Instead there’s some HAIR left behind. Use the hair with the tooth and you have your AMULET. Walk to the right twice and give the amulet to Dick. You can now go hunting.

Dick gives you a COMPASS and the assignment to get some wood for a fire. Walk to the left to search for wood. There’s a STICK on the ground. Walk to the left into the cave. Look at the hole. Very dark. There are bones on the ground and bloodstains on the wall. Put the stick on the ground between the hole and the bloodstains. Use the metal compass on the blood stained wall and some sparks will light the stick. Take the BURNING STICK and use the stick on the dark hole. Then you discover the true nature of the swamp ape story.

Inside the cabin, use the couch to find the REMOTE CONTROL inside. Use the remote on the TV to turn it on. Use the compass on the TV to distress the signal and the ape will leave.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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