You need to find out who the Surrealist is.

[note: this walkthrough will not answer that question, just get you through the game]

Step aside and you’ll notice that you’re right in front of your alter ego. Talk to yourself to find out more about reality. Talk to your friend Matzhyoeet and you’ll learn even more. Then you must be on your way. Walk to the lower right corner and you’ll end up in a painting. Look at the signature in the lower right to get an idea whose work it might be.

Walk to the right until you reach the desert. There are large pillars standing, looking like gravestones. No one’s here. Walk all the way to the right and you’ll be in another painting. Walk to the left where you’ll find someone hanging upside down. Talk to the person to learn that it’s Minty and he’s the curator of the museum.

Talk more to find out about the museum,  Matzhyoeet and the surrealist. After the conversation walk to the middle left to find yourself in front of a moonlit cave. Go through the opening of the cave to walk through a long red corridor to the right. You’ll end up in the alley of the bum in reality. Talk to him to realize it’s Matzhyoeet.

Walk to the right to enter the streets of Reality. There are a lot of familiar characters here. Talk to Davy Jones, Elandra, Max Griff, Mika Huy, Phil and the Baron. Ask them about the others, the surrealist and art to find out more. Then walk further to the right (lower corner) and talk to Shank Portman. Maybe he can help you further.

After the conversation, walk left back to the streets of Reality and even further left into the alley to report back to Matzhyoeet.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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