You’re in your apartment and since you can fly, fly out of the window to reach a map.

Go downtown. Walk to the right and you can see a tank approaching a little kid playing. Use your superpower on the tank to save the girl (50/50). Talk to the tank driver and talk to the little girl. The fly again and select the abandoned factory on it. Next to the wall is a WRECKING BALL. Pick it up and fly to the bank.

When you arrive there enter the buidling and you’ll be asked for help. The manager is inside the vault. See if you can help. Use your strength on the vault. It’s not enough to open it. Use the wrecking ball on yourself to do some excercise (50/100) and then use the strength on the vault again to open it. If it doesn’t work immediately, either wait a bit and try again or go home, get some sleep and return to the bank and try again. When the bank manager is free, talk to him and ask about the other supergirl.

Walk to the south to leave the bank and fly downtown again. Walk to the left and in the alley use your normal clothes on yourself to change. Then walk to the right and see that the lady from the bank is there at the end of the line. Talk to her and ask her to get you an autograph. You have to stand in line yourself but after a while you have yourself a Supergirl AUTOGRAPH (200/300).


Walk to the left and use your supergirl outfit again. Take the WRECKING BALL again and walk to the right twice to see the little girl again. Give her the autograph and you’ll get the DOLL (50/350). Fly to the university and talk to the nerd. He knows you’re Supergirl. Talk about the fake one and the suggestions he has. Give the doll to him and he’ll run some tests (100/450). You need to check back later. Walk to the right and fly to the police station.

Talk to the officer and meet the fake Supergirl. Talk to her and ask how she keeps the city crime free. Leave the station again and fly back to the univerity to see what the tests brought. So they are not fighting crime, they are crime. Leave the nerd and outside fly to your house. Use the bed to get some rest and power up again (50/500). Fly to the industrial complex. Outside is a robot waiting for you.

Walk to the right to enter the building but the robot will prevent this. Fly back to the industrial complex and excercise with the wrecking ball first before using strength on the robot (250/750). Use strength on the gate on the right to enter the building.

Inside walk to the right and use strength on the first door. Walk further to the right and at some point you’ll be caught in a metal claw. Use your strength on the trap and the fake girl will run off. After the door listen to the wall to hear the conversation. Use your strength on the wall to punch a hole in it (150/900) and look at the prisoners. Talk to them and learn where the fake girl went.

Walk to the right and look at the killer robot. Talk to the machine and tell about his big brother. But the killer won’t move. Walk to the left and talk to the prisoners again to find a suggestion for the robot. That doesn’t help much. Walk to the robot again and talk to it again. Then he’ll go and leave (150/1050). While the robot is doing it’s business, walk to the right and meet the fake girl again.

After you’ve been attacked with a spikeball, use your strength on the imposter. Do that several times to come to the conclusion that you can’t catch her. Use the X-Ray on the girl to discover that she isn’t real (200/1250). Use the X-Ray on the bookshelf to find someone behind it. Use your strength on the bookshelf to open it and find the imposter behind it. That’s one way to the policestation (250/1500).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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