After your parents are gone, you have to make some breakfast.

Use the fridge to get the MILK, CHEESE and MARGARINE. Use the cupboard under the sink to open it and use it again to get the MACARONI and a POT. The pot goes on the cooker.Use the macaroni with the pot to put all ingredients in and use your basic heat spell with the pot to heat it up. Use the empty bowl with the macaroni to fill it up. Walk north to the dining room and give the bowl to Simon.

Time to work on some spells. Walk north and right into the study. Use the fireplace to enter your secret cave. Use the bag on the right to get all the stuff for your communication spell: CHALK, CANDLES and a TOY PHONE. Use the chalk on the light square to draw a circle. Put the candles in the circle and use your hot spell on them to light them. Put the toy phone in the circle and talk to the circle to sy the magic words….

Now you have to get rid of those demons. Look in your book in your inventory to see what’s needed to get rid of them. A holy text, detergent, metal, herbs and a powerful plant. Use the bag against the wall to find a small Devils Blood PLANT. Walk north to leave the cave and from the bookshelf take the BIBLE one shelf from the bottom in the middle. Walk left to leave the study.Use the door on the left to enter the storage room and take the DETERGENT from the shelf.


Use the detergent on the bible. Use the door on the right to leave the storage room and use the door on the right again to go to the lounge. Use the flaming bible on the ghost and you can go up the stairs.Use the brown door to enter the bathroom and take the SHAMPOO from the bathtub. Leave the bathroom again and use the green door to enter your own room. Use the drawer of your desk to fnd your KEYS. Leave your room and walk to the south.

Walk to the right up the stairs and in the attic take some METAL from the workbench. Walk down the stairs again and use your keys on the door on the left to unlock them and use thed door again to go inside. There’s the other demon. In your inventory use the magic plant with the shampoo. Use the magic shampoo on the metal spring and you’ll say some magic words to give it power. Use the magic spring on the demon to get rid of him. No more studying for some time…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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