You must get out of this red room.

Use the rug on the floor to find a RULER under it. Use the ruler on the painting to get the GOLDEN KEY. Use the key to unlock the door and get out.

On the right Roger is guarding a door. Talk to Roger to find out who you are, where you are and that you need the brown key to be able to enter. But where to find the brown key, there’s nowhere to go. Use the golden key on yourself and after some time the digested key has turned into a BROWN KEY. Show the key to Roger and you can enter the room.

Inside talk to Roger behind the counter. Tell him that He Who Knows All Sent You and you get an ICECREAM. You can look around but there’s not much more to do. Use the door to leave again and walk to the door on the right. Talk to Roger again to learn that you need a white key this time. Now how to get a brown key white.  Walk back to your own room on the left and use the door to get in. Use the brown key on the mouse hole on the left and they will turn the brown key back into a GOLDEN KEY. Use the key on the door to get out first otherwise you’ll be locked in there forever.

Once outside use the golden key on the icecream to create a WHITE KEY. Walk to the right and show the white key to Roger. You can enter the room again. Inside you’ll meet the creator. Talk to him and ask everything except about the new version of AGS! Since the creator is in a wheelchair and fat, you can handle him. The Rogers will assist you and finish the job so you can walk outside to your freedom.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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