You must find Mila.

Your office:

Use the top drawer of your desk to get the GUN, use the bottom drawer to take the ROPE. Leave the office and walk to the right until you reach the stairs.Go down the stairs, use the front door and walk to your car. Use the car and select the white building near manhattan on it.

Zyltec Office:


Use the front door and talk to the secretary. She’s not much of a help. And the guard won’t let you pass without proper clearance. Walk out the door and use the rope on the wall on the left. Then use the rope to climb the wall.

Under the tree are some rocks. Find a small ROCK in front and pick it up. Use the rock on the window to break it, use the rope  to climb back over the wall and use the front door to enter the building again. The secretary left her computer so use it quickly to see a list with 12 names.

The last one on the list, Wlikinson, might be able to help you more so you note the address. The you get out of the building quickly. Use the car and drive to the Wilkinson residence in the upper left of the map.

Wilkinson’s residence:

Use the front door twice to enter the house. Use the wooden desk next to the door to find a pair of SCISSORS. Walk to the left and hear the music box. Climb the stairs to see a lot of blood. Use the door on the right to enter the bedroom. Better do that again. Use the wardrobe on the left to find a COAT HANGER. Leave the room again.

Use the door on the left to go downstairs. Use the door on the right back to the hallway and the door on the north to enter the living room. Walk to the right and use the door to find it locked. But the lock is simple enough. Use the scissors on the coat hanger to create a lockpick and use that on the door. Use the door again to find another body behind it.

Use the body to discover he’s dead. Use the body again to find a KEY. Leave the room and leave the lounge to return in the hallway. Go south to the kitchen. Another body. Use the door on the right to enter the back garden and walk to the left to reach the shed. Use the key you found on the door to unlock it and use the door to enter the shed. Hmm… more blood and a body.

Take a SCREWDRIVER from the toolboard and leave the shed again. Walk to the right and enter the house. Walk through the yellow door back to the hallway. Walk to the left and climb the stairs again. Use the door on the right to enter the bedroom of the boy. Use the screwdriver on the lightglobe next to the bed to take the globe from the bulb and find a KEY inside the globe.

Leave the room and go down the stairs on the left. In the small hall go down the stairs again to the basement. Use the small key on the door on the right and use the door to enter the hall. Walk to the right to find two more bodies. Use the body of Mr. Wilinson to confirm he’s dead and use his body again to find the NOTE he’s holding. You have to search his left hand (viewers right) and from the triangle-shape pointing down that forms the hand and the note, take the left or right pixel of the base (although on top) of the triangle.

The note is in German and you need a computer to translate. Leave the hall on the left and leave the basement on the left. Walk to the right and use the door to the hallway and use the front door to leave the house. Use your car to drive back to your office, the orange square at the lower right on the map.

Your office:

Use the door to enter and use the stairs to climb to the hallway. Walk to the left to reach your office. Use the not on the computer to translate it. So you need to go to the harbor. Use the door to leave the office and walk to the right to go down the stairs. Use the front door to leave and use the car to drive to the harbor. It’s below Hoboken.

The harbor:

Talk to the drunk fisherman and learn about the locked shed and the suspicious guy in long coat. When the conversation is over, shoot the drunk and take his FISHING ROD.  Use the door of the shed to find it locked. Look to the right side of the shed to find a little switch below the right window covered with algae. Since you can’t reach the switch, use the rod on the switch to unlock the door (the hook of the line is the trigger).

Use the door to enter the shed and talk to the doctor. Then…

Zyltec Office:

You wake up locked up. Walk to the left and talk to the door to get he attention of the guard.  Oops, not the friendliest type. You have to find a way out though. Use the bed to take the MATTRESS. Use it on the door to block it. Then take the LEG from the bed that’s closest to the wall. It’s loose so easy to unscrew.

Use the leg on the bars of the window on the left to get the guards attention. You’ll knock him down as soon as he enters. You can leave now.

Look at the monitors on the desk to find someone in the other cell. But the door is locked. On the right corner of the desk is a switch that you can use to unlock the door of the left cell. Use the door of that cell to enter and find Mila inside. She’ll tell you all the details of Zyltec.

Use the door to get out and go to the left. There are two lockers you can use (with the same lock type as the open lockers). In the left one you find a small KEY, in the one on the right is your GUN. Use the door on the left to leave the room but be prepared to shoot the guard behind it. You have to be quick though. Walk to the left to find another guard. [NOTE: This one can be tricked by not walking too far so the guard is visible on the edge of the screen. He doesn’t react to your movement yet, but you can shoot him already. As soon as you move on, he’ll be there again but harmless].

Next comes an arcade type shootout. You have to shoot eight cloned guards and they pop up from different locations. Don’t worry, the come in a fixed order so when you don’t make it the first time, you know where to expect them next time. Saving before entering is advised here.

To be complete, here’s where they appear:

  1. Left door
  2. Desk in front
  3. Desk in the back
  4. Left door
  5. Desk in front
  6. Left door
  7. Desk in front
  8. Desk in the back

As soon as the last guard is killed you can leave the building.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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