As Captain Beetroot you’re always looking out for valuable things.

After the landing talk to Clyde inside the space ship. Ask him for equipment and all he can come up with is your IDIG. Walk to the right and the iDig will tell you there are valuables at W.

Walk to the left and see the island. It looks like there’s something of value on the island. But since there’s a swamp aound it and you’re wearing your new jacket, you must find a way to cross the swamp. Use the iDig on the tree to slash it down and use the tree to cross the swamp.

Walk over the tree to the middle of the island and take the TREASURE. Walk back to the right and talk to Clyde on the ship to ask for help. Ask him for help. He doesn’t want to. Walk back to the left and enter the island again. Take some FRUIT from the tree and walk back to the right. Talk to the ship and tell Clyde you have a present. He’ll help you bring the treasure onto the ship but when he wants to take off…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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