It’s a mess on the square.

Pick up the three piles of TRASH. Take it from your inventory and put it in the rubbish bin. In the window under the ladder is a piece of CLOTH from comrad Titov’s uniform. Pick it up. On the right under the window is a cabinet. When you use the drawers you can find a box of MATCHES.

Walk to the right to find graffiti on the wall. There’s more TRASH to pick up. Walk further to the right and you’ll see a communication device. Leave the phone and pick up some TRASH. Underneath is some strange trash. Look at the strange trash and then pick up the CD. Pick up the BUCKET with water and take some WOOD from the pile on the right.

Walk to the north through the door behind the boxes. Look at the nuclear compost and at the strange trash a bit further on the right. It’s the Metal Hammer magazine. Look at the label in the lower left corner. Pick up some more TRASH twice. Look at the white car to see a close up. In the tyre is a KNIFE you can take out.

Walk back to the left and go north to the gate in the back.  Walk to the left to see an oil tank. Next to the concrete blocks is a CROWBAR. Walk to the left and on your right, under the audio transmission  is some more TRASH. Pick it up. Use the crowbar on the wooden door and find Lieutenant Korkov gagged and tied inside.

Take the gag from his mouth and talk to the man to find out who did this to him. But he’s completely traumatised. Use the bucket with water on him to calm him down and he’ll talk. Pick up the CEMENT (do not touch the spade) and take the FUEL CANISTER. Leave the room through the door on the right.

Use audio transmission unit #33 on the wall and use the red button to inform the superiour. Tell him you found the guard bound and gagged and that you’ve found traces of evidence. He’ll tell you to bring it to the Institute of Scientific Ateism.

Leave the phone, walk back to the left again and use the oil canister on the fuel tank to take some FUEL. Walk back to the left and go north back to the white van. Walk in front of the barn to the right. There’s the last chicken walking around and seeing you, it’ll follow you. Just let it. There’s also a pile of chicken bodies. Take the CHICKEN PARTS due to hazardous waste and now you have to dispose them properly and in time.

Walk to the left and use the chicken parts on the nuclear compost area. Walk back to the right in front of the barn to the cleared ground. Use the trailer with rubbish on the left to take some WOODBRUSH from it. Against the shed in the back is a TYRE. Pick it up and walk to the north right of that shed. You’ll reach the agrarian steppe.

Walk to the left and look at the statue of general Bornemann. Then you’ll remember the wonderfull youth you had. When you walk further to the left you’ll see the warning signs of the mine field. Don’t go past them, it’ll kill you. Walk back to the right, then south to the passenger car. Walk further left and go to the 8 bit agrarian memory drive.

Have a closer look at the panel on the drive. Use the canister with fuel on the tank opening on the right of the panel. Use the matches with the wick to light it and pull the lever to enter a virtual world. Walk to the south to leave the world and the chicken will stay behind. Walk to the right to leave the drive behind and walk to the left, past the nuclear compost and through the door, then south back to the graffiti.

Use the wiping cloth on the graffiti to remove it. A alarm bell will ring indicating 8 o’clock. Walk further to the left and use the door to the left of the ladder. You enter the archives. Walk to the north to the reception. Use the vending machine on the right to get a TICKET. While waiting you’ll watch several news items.  When Svetlana calls your number, talk to her about the forensic evidence. She’ll ask for identification so give her your passport. Then you need to show at least three items that can be noted as evidence. Give her the magazine, the CD and the knife. She’ll grant you access to the insititute by giving the code of the lock. Note it, it’s different each time.

Walk to the left twice to leave the administration office and walk to the right to the big green doors. Look at the lock and enter the digits Svetlana told you. Now you’re in the institute of Ateism. Look around and look at the hole  in the floor, next to the oil stain. There are more Forenso’s. Look at Forenso and give him the CD. Turn it on and he’ll need more evidence. Give him the magazine and he still needs more input so also give him the knife. Then he’ll analyze the evidence and give you a REPORT of the findings and three suspects. When Forenso asks if he should inform headquarters it doesn’t matter what you reply, he’ll do it anyway.

Look at the godless machine. Use the machine to see what you need to enter. Use the tyre in the input slot, use the concrete, the wood and the woodbrush with the slot and the machine will produce some other items: a cardboard BOX, a can of FISH, several MATRUSHKA DOLLS, a MINE SEARCHING DEVICE, a can of COCA COLA and a BLOUSE.

Leave the machine and walk to the right to exit the institute. Walk to the right, then to the north through the door behind the boxes. Walk to the right again and go to the right in front of the barn. Walk to the north onto the agrarian steppe. Walk to the left past the statue and past the warning signs into the mine field.  Walk to the left using your mine detector.  Be carefull where you step otherwise you need to start again.

When you make it through the field, you’re on enemy terrain. Walk further to the left, past the checkpoint until you reach Tumulus. Climb Tumulus until you reach the American flag. Use the canister on the flag and burn it with the matches. This will also burn Tumulus. Look at it and decide that you have to report this.

Walk to the right and at the checkpoint Americans will be waiting for you. When you attack, you’ll end up in a fight and can only surrender to prevent an endless fight. You can also choose not to fight and surrender at once. Now a team must be assembled to start a rescue operation.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

3 Replies to “Soviet Unterzögersdorf: Sector 1 – Walkthrough (Monochrom/2005)

  1. Daphonenyx, the missing action is that you need to go to the 8 bit agrarian machine with the chicken and talk to her in order to explain to the animal that in virtual reality she will be safe, remember what is said by the phone when you report about the massacre and the alive chicken: leave her in a Secure place, which place? a SECURE place.

  2. In the 11th paragraph, it says to wipe the graffiti off the wall, but I can’t hear any bell ringing announcing 8 o’clock… I’ve even restarted the game following closely everything prior that action, but nothing… Is it possible that there is some action missing before that will trigger the bell ringing?

    Thank you.

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