Wait for Sully to show up and tell you what to do:

You need to find transportation, a potion and a map. If you have these, you can go. Talk to Sully more to find out where to get everything. After the conversation he’ll give you the TOOTH of a dragon. In front of the wall is a STONE on the ground. Pick it up and throw it at the window on the left. You can now pick up a SHARD of glass.

Open the trashcan in the corner to get three METAL RODS out. Walk the pile of maps in the street. While the vendor is facing the other way, use the shard of glass on the rope around it to cut it. While the vendor still not looking, take the ROPE and a MAP.

Walk to the right to see the map of the city. Visit the town square. Talk to the hangman and learn about the broken gallow. Open the hatch on the side and look inside. Take the dead RAT from the cogs and pick up the RUBBER BAND. Close the Jack-In-The-Box and close the hatch from the drop. Use a metal rod with the drop to keep it closed. Use the rubber band with the Jack-In-The-Box. Use another metal rod on the arms.


Leave the contraption and use the gallow to put your head through the noose. Talk to the guard and ask him to test the gallow. In hell the devil can let you go back if you unlock the three locks. Open the one on the left and push button 2, button 4 and push button 7.

Next to the skeleton is a BONE. Pick it up and open the middle lock. Put the metal rod in the hole in the middle. In your inventory use the glass shard with the bone to cut the end off and use the bone in the hole on the right. Your second lock is now open.

Open the lock on the right and push the top bar to hear the melody. The bottom buttons should be set in the correct setting and then push the execution button at the bottom to replay the melody. For the first melody set switches one to three to down, four and five to up (pull them). Then execute. For the second melody pull switch two and five and execute and for the third melody pull switch one and switch four and execute. Lock three is now unlocked.

Satan tells you about the church and you can walk through the door to the left back to life. On the map select the home of the druid. Talk to Seedy the fiddler in front of the door. He’s sad and wants a beer. If he gets a beer from the bar, you’ll get his demo tape. Look at the yellow worn out box on the right to find a tube of GLUE and a FIRE CRACKER. Open the door of the druid to learn that he’ll only talk to you if you bring his magazine.

Leave north back to the map and go to town square. Walk past the gallow to the photographer and talk to him. Ask him what’s in his pockets and Ask him to take your picture and pick up the PHOTO from under the camera. Use the glue on the camera and ask him to take another picture. When he’s stuck to the camera take the PASSPORT from his pocket. Walk further to the right and take the RADIO from the window.

Walk further to the right to return to the map and go to Freddie’s bar. Use the arcade on the right and after shooting a few of the aliens leave the machine. Take the PRIZE from under the machine and see that it’s a ticket for a free beer. Light the fire cracker on the candle on the table in the front and take the OLD FOOD from the table in the back.

Talk to Freddie behind the bar and ask him about transportation. In order to get a ride you need to play a game of dice with him. Play the game and notice you can’t win. Tell him you have a ticket for the beer and he’ll give you a pint of BEER. Leave the bar and on the map select the castle.

Drop the lit fire cracker in the mailbox and pick up the MAGAZINE from the pile of mail. Walk to the right to the map and go to the home of Simon the druid. Give the beer to the fiddler and you’ll get your demo TAPE. A bit to the right is a chili bush and take just one CHILI PEPPER from it.

Open the door of the druid to knock and tell him you have the magazine. You’ll give it to him and can enter the house. Inside take the MAGIC DICE from the table, the INK and the FEATHER. Talk to Simon again and ask him for help. He doesn’t want to help you. Tell him then that you don’t need it and that he’s an old cranky man. He’s then willing to help you. He wants to make a potion but needs some ingredients. Talk to him and tell him you’ve got the feather for the flying, the chili pepper for the burning and the tooth for the animal.

After his magic take the POTION from the bed. Leave the house and outside talk to the fiddler again. Ask him how the beer was and ask your MUG back. Walk north to exit to the map. Go to church. Talk to the priest on the right and tell him you want to confess. Tell him you have sinned and then tell him one of your sins. After he heard you,  put the tape in the ghetto blaster and use the sound machine to keep the priest busy. Leave the booth and walk to the altar on the right. Take the CRYPT KEY from the table.

Leave the church on the left and select the town square on the map. Use the gallow and ask the hangman to kill you. You’ll end up in heaven now. Try to talk to St. Peter. The drunk won’t let you so you have to get rid of him first. Walk down the stairs on the left to return to earth.

Go to King Arnold’s castle and walk the path to the left to the castle to go inside. Use the ink on the carpet and talk to the cleaning lady. When she’s cleaning the stain, take the BUCKET from the cart. In your inventory use the glue on the picture and stick the picture on the passport. Put the passport on the table and Sully will stamp it without knowing. Pick up the box with passports on the left of the table to get your own PASSPORT back.

Walk to the right to leave the castle and further to the right until you reach the map again. Go to the home of Muh the Hangman. Cross the bridge and use your mug on the axe. Then pick up the bottomless MUG again. In your inventory tie the rope to the bucket and on the bridge use the bucket with the lake to get the WATER to fill the bucket.  Walk left to leave the place and on the map select Freddie’s bar.

Use the bucket with water on the drunk sitting at the table to wake him up. Give the bottomless mug to the bartender and ask for a refill. The bartender runs out of beer and need to change the barrels. Use your magic dice with the dice on the bar to swap them and when the bartender returns, ask him for another game.

You’ll throw two sixes and Freddie will make sure his horse will be ready at the gate. Leave the bar on the left and on the map go up the stairs to heaven. Talk to St. Peter and tell him you’re looking for a man. He’ll call the dead man for your and then talk to the dead guy. Ask him for the map and he’ll tell you where to find it.

Walk down the stairs and go to the church. Use the crypt key on the lock on the hatch next to the entrance and go downstairs. Walk to the right until you find an old lady. Talk to her and ask how you can help. She’d like some food so give her the old food and after a while she needs to go to the toilet. Open the coffin and receive the MAP.

Walk up the stairs to the left until you’re in the church again and leave the church on the left. On the map goto the castle and walk the path to the left to the castle to go inside. Talk to Sully and tell him you’ve got all three items. Walk to the right to leave the castle and all the way further to the right to the map. Travel to the city gate.

Talk to the guard and show him your passport. Open the gate to meet Sully outside…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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