Shoot, you got abducted! And you want to be home before truckracing starts.

Look at the telly. Push the button on the console below it, but nothing happens. Walk to the left and look at the sign. It’s a lightning symbol. To the right of it is a button. Push it and return to the TV set. Push the button on the console again! We have a visual.

The critter on TV can tell you why you’re here. But you want to get out. Walk to the right and find an alien sitting in a tank. He can’t get out and gets hotter because the ventilation stopped. Talk to the alien and learn how you can restore the ventilation. Look at the console left of the glass. There are some strange symbols on it that you need to push in the right order. But it’s a bit too much to guess it.

Walk to the right and see a big green wall. You can’t go through there. To the left of the screen is a card reader. But you don’t have a card. Go back to the alien and ask about the screen. He has stolen a card and will give it to you but only after you’ve restored the ventilation.


Walk to the left and look at the big window. A WINDSHIELD CRITTER is stuck to the glass. Take it off. Walk further to the left. To the left of the console for the TV is a panel. But there are no screws. You can use the critter to stick to the panel and take it off. There seems to be something in the compartment. Grab it and notice it’s a piece of PAPER. Look at the paper. The same symbols as on the console… sort of.

On the paper are only the bottom half of some characters. Walk back to the console next to the alien tank. Use it and compare the symbols. You must conclude that the code on the paper is 7258. Use that and the ventilation is restored. You can have the CARD now.

Use the card with the card reader and the wall will disappear. Walk to the right. On the wall is a strange picture. Next to it is a gun-like DEVICE. Take it and walk further to the right. Another alien. A Tater this time. Talk to it and learn about it’s transformation and the time it’s been there. Also can the tater help you getting home, once it’s normal state is restored.

Walk back to the poster and use the device on the poster. A hidden message becomes visible and shows that the tater is in there way too long. Walk all the way to the left and use the TV button again. Talk to the critter and tell him about the tater. It must be changed right away. The critter will do so.

Walk to the right and look at the tater… eh… girl. Wow. Talk to her and ask her to open the hatch. She will. Time to go back home again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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