You are a drawing but need to be finished. You need pen and ink for that but they won’t work together anymore. Your job to bring them together again.

Talk to Serge, the pen. He’ll tell you about the disagreement. Then talk to Penny, the inkpot. She won’t let Serge in. Why not? We’ll have to ask Serge. Talk to Serge again and ask what happened. He won’t tell you. And there isn’t another way to get ink. Let’s talk to Penny again then. She won’t tell you either. This isn’t going anywhere.

Let’s go back to Serge and ask one more time. Tell him you need to know what happened and he’ll finally tell you all. It wasn’t his fault. Talk to Penny and explain that it wasn’t his fault and that Serge wants to explain. She’ll let him then.

Talk to Serge again and tell him he has to explain everything to Penny and make it up with a holiday to a nice location. Help him to find the words and eventually you’ll be drawn.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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