You need to find the treasure of the sultan.

Leave the room. Walk north towards the restaurant and to the left to see the entrance. On the floor is an ATM CARD. Take it and use the door of the restaurant to go inside. Talk to the waiter to learn he lost his ATM Card. Talk some more to find out his year of birth.

Talk to the man at the table to find out about the key that was lost in the park. Leave the restaurant and walk south. Use the ATM machine on the left and insert your ATM card. When asked for a password, enter the year of birth from the waiter (1979). Click OK and choose to draw money. Take the MONEY from the machine and leave it.

Walk to the right and use the door on the left to enter the hardware store. Talk to the shopkeeper and ask about the products he sells. Give him the money and you’ll buy the VACUUM CLEANER. Leave the shop and walk to the left twice. Go left again to enter the park and use the vacuum cleaner on the brown patch to the right of the tree. You’ll now reveal the key.


Pick up the KEY and walk back to the right and enter the restaurant again. Give the key to the man at the table and he’ll thank you by taking you to his store and giving you a SHOVEL. Talk to the shopkeeper and ask him about the museum. He’ll also tell you about the UFO he saw. Leave the shop. Walk south and enter you own house on the right.

Use the computer and select ID printer from the screen. Select a card for an inspector and your ID CARD will be printed. Leave the house and in the street walk to the right. Go past the hardware store and enter the museum. Talk to the guard, tell him you have work to do and then show him your ID card. You can enter the museum. Use the door to go inside and talk to the receptionist.

Ask her for a brochure. Give her the money you still have and she’ll give you a MAP and some COINS in return. Leave the museum on the left and walk to the left to return to your own house. Go inside and use the computer again. This time select the analyzer. When asked for a document, select the map from your inventory and the computer will indicate the treasure in the garden. Click on X-ray to point the exact location and then print the MAP.

Leave the house again, walk to the right in the back and use the door of the museum to go inside again. Walk all the way to the right and use the door to enter the garden. It almost looks like you’re too late. But when you walk towards the men, they’ll leave. Use your spade on the pink spot under the tree to dig a hole and then use the hole to puck up the chest. Open the chest to find the real treasure. Take the SHOES, the PICTURE and the DOCUMENT from the chest.

Walk to the left and enter the museum again. Walk further to the left and go outside. Walk to the left once more to reach your house and go inside. Use the computer and select Translator. When you’re asked to insert a document, use the one you found in the chest. You can now read the story about the sultan, Nostradamus and the Ottoman empire. A lot becomes clear now.

Go back to the menu of the computer program and choose the analyzer. Drop the picture on it and you’ll see how the mechanism in the bookshelf is activated. Click on print to make a PRINT of the mechanism. Quit the application and pick up the DISKETTE from the desk. Use the door to leave the room. Walk to the right in the back and enter the museum. Walk to the bookshelf and pull the yellow book to reveal a secret passage. Use the passage to reach to other side.

Use the golden boots on yourself to wear them and then take down the guard. Take his MACHINE GUN and go through the sliding doors on the right. Use the big computer and choose to see the world map. This organization is huge. Go back to the menu and choose the manual for the magnetic card. This will show you details of a magnetic card.

Select to save the information to disk and insert the diskette you brought with you into the drive at the bottom. Leave the computer and walk through the sliding doors on the right. An alien will step out of the UFO and as soon as you get a chance, use the machine gun to kill him.

Use the door of the UFO to go inside and use the computer. Select ‘magnetic card printer’ from the menu and insert the diskette into the drive on the right. Take the MAGNETIC CARD from the dispenser on the lower right. Leave the computer and exit the UFO on the left. Use the magnetic card on the security panel next to the door on the right. After the villains have revealed all, knock them out to save the world.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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