You landed on a very small island. And you can’t swim.

But what else can you do? Try to use the other island and you’ll fall into the water. Since you can breathe under water, you wait until rescued by this red crab-like creature. Use your laptop on the creature to analyze it and when safe, use the creature to get to land.

While traveling you analyze the situation. Try to take some of the gold in front of you but you have nothing to pry it off. Turn right twice and take the APPLE. Don’t eat it yet, just take it. Walk to the south and you’ll find a small drill.

Go north and left twice and use the drill on the GOLD to take some of it. Use the ground next to it to take a GROUND SAMPLE. Use the laptop with the sample to analyze it. Apparantly there was a DIAMOND inside.

Turn right twice and go south twice. You’re not allowed to travel further while carrying gold so use the gold with the slot. Walk to the north to meet the alien and tell him you need shelter. You can stay but you need to pay for it. Give the diamond to the alien and you can enter.

After a night sleep with strange dream, take a sheet of PAPER from the pile left of the door. Slide the sheet under the door and use your marker on the keyhole to push the key out. You’ll take the paper and the KEY from under the door.

Use the key on the door and while going through you find a BOW AND ARROW. On the other side you find Lugug. You thought he was dead. He’s trapped in the colour portal and asks you for a way out but you also don’t know. Use the laptop on the alien to find out it’s not Lugug.

There’s only one way to get past this alien and that’s by killing it. You can do that with either the apple or the bow and arrow. You’ll be captured held into a colour lock untill they’ve decided what to do next.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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