This time it all starts on Mardaram, the be precise with a map of Mardaram. Select the cliffs (Klippe) on the map and meet an alien, a Gritzi. Talk to the alien. He can’t help you at the moment. There’s also a SERINGE on the ground. Take it. Leave the alien for now and go to the south, back to the map.

Select the Alien on the map. Once there, look at the alien. It’s a Xer and it’s wounded because it’s loosing blood. Use the seringe on the pool of BLOOD to take some with you. Leave the Xer by going south and select the cliffs again. Give the seringe to the Gritzi.

To get better results we need to mix the blood with chemical water. So back to the south and this time we go to the pool (Schwimmbad) on the map. At the arch turn to the right and while reading the announcement of Star Trek 4, we can use the seringe on the pool water. Twice south and we’re on the map again. Back to the cliffs.

Give the seringe again to the Gritzi. He can’t do anything with it! Some help! Go south to the map and select your own home. You’ve got an analyzer so use the syringe on the analyzer to see what’s inside. The machine did analyze it but you couldn’t hear what it said. So now we still don’t know anything.

Go to the south and select the pool again. At the arch turn right and near the announcement sign is now a Gritzi swimming. If you want to talk to her, you need to get into the water. Touch the water to go in and talk to the Gritzi.

She can tell you all about the blood and the illness of the Xer. You have to go and tell the Xer authorities. Go south twice and this time select the Xer-authorities building (Xer-Behorde) on the map. Talk to the man behind the counter and learn all about the Xer, the new race and how you fit in…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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