Walk to the left. Look in the toilet to see if someone is hiding there. Nobody. Walk further to the left and use the door to enter the transportation room. Use the black device, your transporter. Select the earth.


When you land you can see a little black device in the grass. It’s a LIGHTER. Pick it up and go south, back to your spaceship. Use the transporter again and this time select the red moon.

Red Moon:

Walk to the north. Lookat the star. Talk to the star and ask for help. But the star can’t help you. It will give you a MAGNET though. You can collect metal out of stone debris with it. Walk further to the north. Use the magnet on the red pile of rocks and detect a FORK. Enter the pile of dirt and see… nothing. Very dark in here. Good thing you found that lighter. Use it and now you detect some creatures, a door and a box. There’s also a power outlet on the left. Use the fork on the outlet to cause a powerfailure. As soon as the lights go out, you take the blue box with you outside. Once there, you take a good look inside the box and discover a SPADE.

Walk twice to the south where the container with poisonous water is. Use the spade on the ground to dig a hole and two hours later you discover a tunnel. It’s wet there as well.

Under water you meet a fish. Talk to the fish and find out that it’s hurt. It wants a doctor. Use your Organ-Revival device (the square one) to heal the fish. As reward you ask for information about people on earth. The fish can’t give you that but knows someone who does. It’s professor Narali on Planet Xyloycxia.

Planet Xyloycxia:

In front of the building is a PAINT REMOVER (the box). Pick it up and enter the building. Use the door on the right first and then the door on the left twice. Then use the paint remover on the door in the middle to find it’s a secret passage. Enter and meet the professor.

Ask for help and you’ll get a list of books that you may want to read. Askfor books about people on the earth and once you got that BOOK you’ll leave to arrive in your spaceship shortly after.


Use the transportation device again and goto the earth. Walk to the north and enter the green meteorite/starship. It’s very empy. Use your fork on the power socket on the left to blow a fuse again.

This time, the fuses were a bit stronger and you didn’t get the result you’d hoped for. Furthermore, the door of the starship closes and the ship moves away fast, with you inside. Where would this end?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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