Because of the terrible weather you decide to shelter in that mansion.

Knock on the door to find there’s no answer. Knock again and the door opens. Talk to the man in the doorway and ask to be let in. He’ll take you to the landlord. Talk to the landlord and he’ll have a room prepared. Follow the butler to your room.

There’s not much to do in your room except sleeping. Use the lightswitch next to the door to turn off the light and use the bed to get some sleep. But then you’ll be woken up by a scream. Use the lightswitch to turn on the light and walk through the door. You’re in a hallway. Walk to the north and at the end go right. You’re in a ballroom.

To cross the ballroom floor you need to walk in a certain pattern to prevent from sinking through the tiles. The pattern from the tile you’re standing on:


One step right, two steps north, four steps right. Then two steps north, one step left, two steps north and three steps left. Now you should be on the other side of the ballroom. Don’t wait too long with the whole process. There’s a bug that will make the game crash if it takes too long.

When you go through the door you immediately face another challenge: spiders coming from the ceiling. There’s not really a way to get through the tunnel other than go for it. Click above the light arch and walk through the shower of spiders.

When you’re through there’s yet another challenge: green zombies coming at you, and they arrive fast. Take the SPHERES left and right at the beginning and walk towards the north. Make sure you’re there before the counter reaches 1000 otherwise you’re dead. Once you made it through the crowd there’s another suprise: a corridor with skeletons.

Just walk to the north, trying to avoid the skeletons. Same as the spiders: just walk. In the next room it’s pretty peacefull. But when you start walking, you’ll notice that’s not the case. Axes and concrete will be flying at you. Walk towards the door in the back in one straight line, don’t hesitate.

When you’re standing in front of the gate, walk towards it but don’t go through. If you go through the gate, the game will crash. The ghost lady will appear again and talk to her. She’ll take you back to your room. That is to say, in the hallway outside some rooms where you’ll meet more ghosts.

When they’re gone, she’ll take you to ..her room where you’ll be scared stiff!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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