[Note 1: To play this adventure you should have played Savage Island Part 1 – Walkthrough (Scott Adams/1984) which will give you a password at the end. There are 2 possible passwords: if you have the bandana it’s 123, if not, it’s 474. However, without the bandana you can’t finish this game…]

[Note 2: I was having an issue with this game on the Fuse Spectrum emulator (I tried 3 different versions). Closing my eyes didn’t do anything so I wasn’t able to enter the force field half way through the game. You can test this as soon as you start the game (after the password). If it’s too dark to see when you CLOSE EYES, you’re good to go.]

SAY 123 to activate the computer and after some investigation you should have figured out that you need to navigate a part of the metal lined corridors that are in a vacuum. Standard you can’t hold your breath long enough but if you HYPERVENTILATE first, then ENTER FIELD and BREATHE OUT.

To reach the other end of the forcefield, GO EAST, GO SOUTH, then GO WEST and GO WEST again, then ENTER FIELD. Now you can BREATHE again. LOOK HYDROPHONICS to discover the plants and LOOK PLANTS to find a flower. TAKE FLOWER and SMELL FLOWER. That might come in handy. LOOK CASE. There’s the neanderthal and the button again.


When you PUSH BUTTON you release the neanderthal and some sort of seed specimen. The neanderthal can kill you at random moments so… HOLD BREATH and CRUSH FLOWER. This will sedate the neanderthal but not you. DRAG NEANDERTHAL and GO NORTH into the tunnel and GO NORTH again to a red metal room with a console.

This machine does, after pushing some buttons, psychotransfiguration. But it takes a lot more trying and failing to figure out how to use it and what it does: you need to swap places with the neanderthal. The console here, psychotransfigures everything in the next room but… you can’t READ DIALS and the neanderthal won’t go there when conscious. GO EAST in to the next room where you can DROP NEANDERTHAL.

GO WEST back to the console and before you push any buttons, WEAR BANDANA. Then you can PUSH BUTTON and not be blinded by the light. And that’s why you can’t win this game without the bandana. Even though CLOSE EYES is a legitimate command, the bandana gives more protection?

You’ll be asked for a password to activate the machine. We only know of two (from previous the game) so SAY FREE and PUSH BUTTON again. Now you will be in the next room, feeling strange.

[Note: On the Spectrum, after the transfiguration, it’s always light. On the BBC Micro it will be dark and  I needed to:]

OPEN EYES to be able to see. GO WEST back to the machine and see… yourself. LOOK ME will tell you that you are sedated.

Now that you’re the neanderthal, when you READ DIALS again, you can understand what it says.  TAKE BANADANA and GO SOUTH into the tunnel. Then GO SOUTH again to the force field. Do the same as at the start: HYPERVENTILATE and ENTER FIELD, then BREATHE OUT to be able to move a bit further.

GO EAST into the tunnel, then GO EAST again. Now GO EAST once more and GO NORTH. The tunnel doesn’t seem to change so GO NORTH again and GO NORTH once more to reach another force field, this time with a red blinking light.

[Note: This is where the issue is on the Spectrum: when I close my eyes, nothing happens. So I couldn’t get past this force field. On the BBC Micro, it gets dark when I:]

CLOSE EYES and ENTER FIELD. Now you can OPEN EYES again and you’re on the other side of the force field. You can now BREATHE again. Looks like you’re in a fitness room. GO NORTH into the tunnel and GO NORTH again to a cabin with a soft platform.

TAKE WAFER and you’ll be presented with a lot of information. Basically you need to kill the large reptiles. You don’t need the wafer so DROP WAFER. From here GO SOUTH and GO SOUTH again to the force field. There’s also a control console. LOOK CONSOLE and READ DIALS. There’s an image of a T-shaped handle and picture of an atom.

When you LOOK LEVER, you’ll see it has a T-shape. If you LOOK ATOM you’ll see it has 8 electrons. A quick glance at the periodic table learns that Oxygen has 8 electrons. So here you can take care of the oxygen with the lever. But the lever won’t budge so you need to find some way to move the lever.

LOOK BANDANA to notice the metal glowing thread. PULL THREAD and TIE THREAD. When asked to what: TO LEVER. Then TIE THREAD again, this time the other end TO TREADMILL. To make the lever move, ENTER TREADMILL and HOLD RAILING. Now RUN. The handle moved! RELEASE RAILING and WALK OUT to step off the machine.

UNTIE THREAD and TAKE THREAD, you never know when you might need it again. GO NORTH into the tunnel and GO EAST into the control room with the viewscreen. LOOK VIEWSCREEN shows dinosaurs everywhere.

TIE THREAD and when asked to what: TO THREAD. You just made a loop. When you LOOK LOOP, you’ll see blackness in the center. You’ve created a black hole! DROP LOOP and ENTER LOOP to find machinery on the other side. LOOK MACHINE and you’ll see the ship’s engines and an unknown device. TAKE DEVICE and LOOK DEVICE to see the colored switches.

LOOK CONSOLE to see a familiar picture: dials, buttons and levers. READ DIALS to see that this can reset the force fields. PUSH BUTTON to reset the fields. ENTER HOLE to return to the viewscreen. TAKE LOOP and GO WEST and GO SOUTH to the fitness room.

ENTER FIELD and notice there’s no vacuum anymore. GO SOUTH into the tunnel, GO SOUTH again to the forcefield and GO SOUTH again without trouble into the next tunnel. GO WEST, then GO NORTH and GO WEST again to the next forcefield. READ DIALS on this console and see the time machine set to 100.000 years in the past.

On the other side of this forcefield are the dinos. LOOK DEVICE and MOVE RED. You’ve now armed the plastic block that has become a nuclear bomb. TAKE BLOCK and ENTER FIELD, then DROP BLOCK and ENTER FIELD again. You’re now back and left the plastic block on the other side. PUSH BUTTON to detonate the block and send the dinosaurs to history.

DROP LOOP and ENTER LOOP to find the (robo)pirate mentioned in the captains log. But the force field is pulsating red. LOOK DEVICE and MOVE BLUE. The pirate now awakens and carries you off. You’re now in a display case and all you can see is a button. PUSH BUTTON.

The coded message you’ll see now has to be read in the instruction manual. There was no room left in the game.

See the key below to decipher the message yourself.

Oed specimens are then released from the d
Mdo his assorted wives! Checking the p
Kcontinues to execute its main programming
5ue-green planet it is currently orbiting.
Xiant reptiles (for the robot is completel
Td the robot closes the now hidden ship an
7ony prospers and the strange specimen ori
= 100,000 years has the brains and persona
I and control compartment is separated and
9reat adventures await him in the future?
*race of Man (after first ridding the worl
&lity of the chosen victim. Yet it is the
Yof fate which awaits the specimen he choo
S creature is found wandering in the ship.
U After resealing the wayward seed con
V The robopirate decides to treat it as su
Planet the robopirate finds one lone wande
Fch then goes to implement its final progr
H launched off into deep space. The se
$around, but the seed specimens are fine i
Gke sure a current inhabitant is tricked i
@ss and a timer reactivates the robot, whi
Qd powers itself off. 100,000 years pa
3, the robopirate lands the ship on the bl
?le, the robot realizes the strange twist
0hold. Continuing with its programming
+n the storage hold. A strange looking
Rvictim's own genes which help launch the
Ach and temporarily stores it away in the
#. Strangely, none of the master race are
2d's greatest hero now rests in the body o
Barrange the interior slightly. The engine
Jies, the robopirate stores it away in a n
Wnto going back in time to eradicate the g
( Looking somewhat like the seed specimens
Eginally found wandering the ship becomes
6y unable to harm or kill any living being
Zerthal sleeping in the display case these
4ring dinosaur. Being the last of its spec
;isplay cases in the storage hold. The col
Ltroller back in its case, the robopirate
,ses. For it is obvious now that the Neand
%amming in the timeswap plan. The plan: ma
-d of the dinosaur!) Slayer of the din
8their chief. Strangely enough, the chief'
C.) Later, with a slight robotic chuck
Nosaur and father of all mankind, the worl
D It then proceeds to hide the ship and re
/s offspring look more like him than they
1ow vacant display case. All looks well an
)f a prehistoric caveman. Who knows what g

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