[NOTE 1: There’s a very likely chance you get killed by a bear, by a storm or other hazard  (about 50% each move) so save often, maybe after each successful move?]

You’re on the beach by the ocean next to a large carved stone head.

When you LOOK SAND there’s not much you can see. But you can DIG. When asked how: WITH HANDS. Now when you LOOK SAND again, there’s a hole.  LOOK HOLE to find a bottle of rum. TAKE BOTTLE and GO SOUTH to an extinct volcano.

CLIMB VOLCANO and on the rim ENTER VOLCANO. You’ll find a bear, a lake and a cave. Whatever you do, don’t involve the bear, don’t even look at him. Save you game often because the bear is very unpredictable. DROP BOTTLE and  ENTER LAKE to remove your sweat (and your watch but you don’t need it anyway). SWIM EAST back to the beach and TAKE BOTTLE. These steps are not mandatory but will increase your chances of surviving the bear. ENTER CAVE and EMPTY BOTTLE into the basin. GO EAST out of the cave and DROP BOTTLE and ENTER LAKE.


East, south and north are shores so SWIM WEST to a ledge on the volcano wall. Save after every move because each move can be your last. ENTER CREVICE onto the edge of a cliff. JUMP from the cliff on the sand. WAIT for storm Alexis to arrive and  GO EAST to the point where you started and GO EAST again along the shoreline. You’ll find a palm tree here.

If you haven’t heard a crash by now, GO WEST and GO EAST until you do, otherwise there will be a log here. TAKE LOG and GO WEST and GO SOUTH to the volcano. CLIMB VOLCANO and  you’ll slide down on the inside.

TAKE BOTTLE and ENTER LAKE. Because of the log, you can now take items across. SWIM WEST to the ledge and DROP LOG. Now ENTER CREVICE and JUMP down again. GO EAST to the large stone head and GO DOWN to a tidepool. TAKE WATER from the pool and GO SOUTH back to the stone head and GO SOUTH again to the volcano. CLIMB VOLCANO and slide down on the other side.

ENTER CAVE (careful for the bear) and ENTER CREVICE where you’re on a hot rocky cliff on the edge of the volcano. EMPTY BOTTLE to create a puddle and WAIT (maybe multiple times) for it to turn into salt.  TAKE SALT and ENTER CREVICE back to the bear. DROP SALT and the bear shouldn’t be an issue anymore. If you WAIT for the hurricane to pass you can move freely again.

TAKE RUM and GO EAST to leave the cave to the lake. DROP BOTTLE and ENTER LAKE. Now SWIM WEST to the secluded ledge and TAKE LOG. From here, GO EAST back onto the lake and RELEASE LOG. You can swim, right? TAKE BREATH and SWIM DOWN.  You might find your watch here but I’m sure it’s not functioning anymore.

SWIM NORTH to find a knife so TAKE KNIFE. From here SWIM EAST where you’ll find a plastic block. TAKE BLOCK and quickly SWIM UP before you run out of oxygen. TAKE LOG to make sure you keep all your items. SWIM EAST to the shore and TAKE BOTTLE from the sand. ENTER LAKE again and SWIM WEST to the ledge on the volcano. DROP BOTTLE, DROP KNIFE and DROP BLOCK. You now only have the log left.

GO EAST and SWIM EAST back to the shore. Now comes the trick: CLIMB UP. You’ll reach the edge of the volcano, drop your log on the other side and slide back down on the loose ashes to the edge of the lake. But at least your log is out of the volcano.  ENTER LAKE again and SWIM WEST to the secluded ledge.

TAKE BOTTLE, TAKE KNIFE and TAKE BLOCK.  It’s probably getting dark by now, if not, SLEEP anyway till the next morning.

ENTER CREVICE and JUMP down to the beach. GO EAST to the stone head and GO SOUTH to the edge of the volcano where you’ll find your log. TAKE LOG and GO NORTH back to the stone head and the impenetrable jungle. LOOK JUNGLE to see the vines. Now that you’ve got a knife, CUT VINES and TAKE VINES, then GO DOWN to the tidepool.

DROP VINES and DROP LOG and GO SOUTH back to the stone head. GO EAST to the palm tree and CLIMB TREE to the top. TAKE COCONUT from the tree and CLIMB DOWN again. TAKE LOG that’s next to the tree and GO WEST to the stone head. GO DOWN to the tidepool and with all your items, MAKE RAFT.

ENTER RAFT and SAIL. This might be harder than you think and you’ll keep returning to the tidepool but if you keep trying, you’ll end up seeing an atoll. ENTER ATOLL and WAIT until a pirate appears (you may have to repeat the wait a few times). GIVE BOTTLE to the pirate and he’ll disappear leaving behind a bandana and a note. READ NOTE. It doesn’t make much sense yet. TAKE BANDANA and ENTER RAFT again.

Now SAIL until you find the beach (not the tidepool!) You might either want to keep sailing north until you do (even when you’re in front of the tidepool or atoll) or you might want to save and restore from the atoll until you reach the beach in less turns to prevent it from getting dark).

ENTER BEACH from where you can see a cave in the cliff. ENTER CAVE to find stalactites. BREAK STALACTITE and when asked with what WITH COCONUT. Now the coconut isn’t needed anymore DROP COCONUT and ENTER CREVICE that’s now revealed. You’ll end up in a metal lined tunnel.

If you GO NORTH and GO WEST, you’ll find a force field. ENTER FIELD and it looks like there’s nothing here. ENTER FIELD again to return to the control panel and it looks like nothing happened. But if you check the plastic block in your INVENTORY, you’ll notice it’s now glowing!

GO EAST into the tunnel GO EAST again and GO SOUTH to find alien machinery.  LOOK MACHINE to see there’s something wrong with the wiring. GO NORTH, then GO WEST and GO SOUTH in the tunnel, then GO SOUTH back to the stalactites. GO SOUTH once more to the  raft on the beach. ENTER RAFT and SAIL until you reach the tidepool. ENTER TIDEPOOL and CUT VINES to get your logs back. TAKE LOG and DROP BANDANA.

GO SOUTH to the stone head and DROP KNIFE. From here GO SOUTH to the volcano and ENTER VOLCANO to slide down on the other side, to the lake. ENTER CAVE and inside you’ll find an opening. ENTER OPENING to enter a maze of caves. Since you’ve got your glowing block, you’re able to see here.

GO SOUTH and GO NORTH and you’ll find some bat guano. DIG GUANO and when asked how: WITH HANDS. You’ve uncovered a piece of shiny wire. TAKE WIRE and ENTER OPENING back to the main cave. GO EAST to leave the cave and back to the lake.

ENTER LAKE and SWIM WEST to the ledge. DROP BLOCK and DROP WIRE, then GO EAST back onto the lake. SWIM EAST to the shore and CLIMB UP to the edge of the volcano, where you’ll drop the log and slide down again to the lake. ENTER LAKE again and SWIM WEST to the ledge. It’s getting dark by now so better get some SLEEP.

Once woken up again, TAKE WIRE and TAKE BLOCK and ENTER CREVICE. From the ledge, JUMP down onto the sand. GO EAST to the stone head and TAKE KNIFE back again. While you’re here, you might as well CUT VINE and TAKE VINE, then GO SOUTH to the volcano to TAKE LOG.

GO NORTH back to the stone head and GO DOWN to the tidepool. TAKE BANDANA and MAKE RAFT. Time to set sail one final time. ENTER RAFT and SAIL back to the beach again. It might take you several attempts. ENTER BEACH and ENTER CAVE.

Inside the cave ENTER CREVICE into the metal tunnel. GO NORTH and GO EAST into the dim lit rock room and GO SOUTH to reach alien machinery. LOOK MACHINE to see a piece of wire missing from it. FIX MACHINE and on the question how: WITH WIRE to replace the wire you brought.

GO NORTH back to the rock room, then GO WEST into the tunnel. GO SOUTH and GO EAST to find a sealed display case. LOOK CASE to discover the caveman replica and the button. PUSH BUTTON to free the caveman.

GO WEST, then GO NORTH and GO WEST again to return to the force field. The caveman is here also. You now have to enter a password. The only thing we have is the note from the pirate. It had the word ‘free’ on it. SAY FREE and the machine will respond. ENTER FIELD and you’ll get entrance to the next adventure. Save the password though (123), you’ll need it!

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