You need to find a way to get out of that classroom and join your friends on the beach.

Give the boy on your right a piece of your paper. He has to give his pen and paper to the kid in front of him. The one who has the pen and paper now has to get the attention of the girl to the right of him. They fancy each other and the girl wants to write something down so give the pen and paper to the right.

The blonde girl now had the pen and paper so use them together. The note that’s written need to go two seats to the back to the one with the headphone. Pass the headphone two seats forward and one to the right. The attention went from book to music so you can take the book.

Pass the book one seat to the left, two to the back and one to the right. The boy in the upper right corner now switches books. Pass the book one seat to the left.


On that desk now should be a note and a book. Let that kid also take the ruler behind him. Move the ruler two seats forward, one to the left, one back, one left, one to the back again and two to the left. The sleeping boy will be hit with the ruler and wakes up. Let him give the box with sleeping pills twice to the right, one forward, one right, one forward, two right and one forward. The pills should now be on the desk next to the teachers.

The boy that initially took the ruler, also has a book. Pass it two forward, one right and one forward. It’s now with the sleeping pills. Now we need to get the teacher to drink.

Behind you is a boy with a brownie on his desk. Pass it one forward, one right, one forward, two right and two forward. The teacher now has the brownie. She now also starts drinking. But you can’t mess with her cup while she’s watching so give her the book. When she’s reading, use the sleeping pills with the cup and she’ll fall asleep.

Now that’s she’s asleep, you need to get out so trick the teacher. You do that by changing the time. The boy with the ruler has to give the ruler to the right so he can use the ruler on the clock behind him and change the time. Pass the ruler one seat forward, one right, one forward, two right and one forward and use the ruler to poke the teacher. She’ll note the time and you can all go.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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