Santa’s sleigh got nicked. You must find it.

Take your BADGE from the table and use the door to leave the room. Show him the badge and you can walk further to the right to Santa’s office. Outside the door is a helpless Elf. Talk to him to find that it’s lost it’s glasses. Behind the Elf is an intruiging door. Use the door onthe right to visit Santa.

Talk tot Santa and learn more about the sleigh and possible suspects. Once outside again walk to the lower right to the park. Look at the marks in the snow and take the LEAVES from the ground. Walk to the left and return to Santa’s office. Talk to Santa again to report your progress and you’ll get access to the intruiging room. But first you must find the glasses of the elf.

Use the leaves with the ink pot to make them black. Use the door to go outside and walk to the left to the snowman. Use the black  leaves on the snowman so you can take the GLASSES. Walk to the right and give the glasses to the Elf. Use the door on the right to visit Santa again and report your progress. Now you can access the workshop behind the intruiging door.

Use the door to leave the office and use the intruiging door to enter the workshop. Inside you’ll meet Jackson who will tell you about the problems in the hard- and soft toys division. Walk behind the wall to the left and use the door on the right to visit a worried Elf. Talk to the Elf to learn that you need to find gold. Use the door to leave the room and walk to the right to visit the hall again. Walk to the right to vcisit the hard toys department and talk to the official looking Elf. He’ll tell you about the boiler.

Walk to the left to the main hall and talk to Jackson again. Now  go to the right in front of the wall. In the boiler room there’s a blockage in the pipes so take the blockage and discover it’s a LOCKET. Walk to the left and in the hallway go left again. Use the door on the right and give the locket to the worried Elf.

Use the door on the left and walk to the right to the hallway. Talk to Jackson and you get permission to continue through the hard toys department. Walk to the right behind the wall and use the right side to reach the big toys. Walk to the left to see a doorway and walk through it. There’s the thief.

You’ll leave and you hear the thief walk away so enter the room again and take the CROWBAR from under the sleigh. Use the left to return to the soldiers room and use the crowbar on the fallen soldier on the right. Out comes a BATTERY. Walk through the bright door again and use the battery on the sleigh.

The sleigh is repaired and returned to Santa. So you’ve showed Santa to be a good boy.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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