Chapter 1:

Click on the brown cap on the blue tube.

Chapter 2:

Click the cable that’s hanging loose at the top of the mountain to put it back on the lift again. Select the waterpipe. The man will start smoking it a few times. Select the pipe again and he’ll eventually throw it away.  Use the pipe again as a key on the box. Then hit the red button on top.  This will start the lift.


Turn the sign at the top of the mountain to point to the left. As soon as the skier is on the top of the mountain, click on the chinese in the valley, making him to walk to the right and free the path. Then click on the skier to let him kie down the mountain.

Chapter 3:

Click on the float. It will be raised with the fish and smoked. Now six lizards will crawl against the mountain wall. Remove all six of them. The fish will be gone leaving only the bones. But that’s for the bird. When the bird starts to pick the bones chase it and it will fly away with the bone. You can jump to hold on to it and fly off.

Chapter 4:

Turn the cock on the right four times to move the stone to the left. Click on the black hole on the left where a snail is crawling to produce a nozzle feeding the stone on the right. Plants wil start to grow. Click on the hole on the mountain you’re sitting on and bees will fly to the new plants.  Click on the hole again to let Mr. Lighthead pop out and he’ll screw his head into the socket.

Push the button in the centre of the screen to light all bulbs and raise the capsule. On the left side of the capsule, near the cock is a button. Push it to open the capsule. Click on the opening in the capsule to get in and lower yourself to the next chapter.

Chapter 5: 

Click on the hole in the middle of the screen so you can see what’s happening inside. Not much because of all the noise. There are six worms munching the tree. Click on them one by one and each time wait until the woodpecker has eaten it. After six times the squirrel will take her fingers out of her ears. Push the red button on the turntable to start it. Click on the records to change the music until the owl wakes up. Click on the owl to let him jump more and more to the right on the branch you’re stuck on. Eventually, you’ll pop off.

Chapter 6:

Click on the brown latch on the tree to make it go the other way. This way the ants will walk towards the ant-eater. Click  on the pin above the door of the capsule to open it.  You’ll jump out and wait for the next action. Timing is everything here. As soon as the ant-eater slurps his ant, click on the door of the control room on top. You’ll walk to the stairs and won’t be eaten by the ant-eater.

Open the control box on the left of the door. Click on it again to see a close up. There are six switches, each being able to switch on a light. Make the same pattern as you can see on the door. Click on the door to enter.

Chapter 7:

Wow! Dark! Click on the red blinking dot to turn on the light. On the tank you see Q=50 so on the left control box, with the ladder on it, push the plus-button until the dial below indicates 50. Then push the middle button on the same control box. A ladder will pop up. Click on the handle to climb the ladder and change the direction the rock is going.

One planet saved!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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