You’re Jay and your arc nemesis is up to no good.

Since you were in the lab when the transformation took place, you’re not affected. After you’ve managed to get out of the ropes, use the drawers on the left to open them and take the writable CD out. It has a game on it. Use the door on the left to leave the lab.

You’ll talk to … who will tell you about the antidote. You’ll need a gem, a hardcore porn magazine and convert 5 males and get their blood. He’ll give you some TUBES and a SYRINGE. Talk some more with … to learn more about reversing the process. Look at the machine in the room and … will tell you about it. Walk further to the left to leave the lab and go outside.

Talk to the man next to the Lamborghini and he’ll tell you about the drugs. Ask him about converting and he wants to if you can find a woman for him. Use the door to go back inside and talk to … Ask him about the drugs and he’ll give you an empty PILL BOTTLE. Walk to the left to go outside again. Walk to the right and you’ll see a band playing. After their performance use the intercom left of the door to enter your cousin’s apartment. Talk to him about the change and about playing games. He doesn’t like Monkey Island. Use the CD on his computer and tell him it’s the Sims. He’s start playing. He’s now converted and you can also take a BLOOD SAMPLE from him. Use the pile of records to take one. Walk south to leave the apartment.


Outside give the album to the band and they’ll be straight in no-time. They’ll give you three BLOOD SAMPLES as well. Once they’re gone they left their earnings. Pick up the CAN with some money in it. Use the smashed guitar to get the PICK from it. Walk further to the right. Walk into the 7-11 and get some TICTACS from the candy shelf under the counter. After paying, walk to the right to leave the shop.

Use the Tictacs with the empty pill bottle and walk all the way to the left. Talk to Tito to give the pill bottle and he’ll leave. Use the guitar pick on the car to scratch it and when the alarm goes off, Tito will return. Blame the hooker and Tito will prove he’s not gay. While he’s in his car with the girl, use his clothes next to the car to get his CREDIT CARD and his DRIVERS LICENSE. He’ll then give you a BLOOD SAMPLE.

Walk to the right and enter the 7-11 store. Take a magazine from the shelf and you’ll ask the shopkeeper for the most hardcore porn magazine he knows. That must be the Hustler so take the MAGAZINE second from the left on the top shelf. Leave the shop on the right and enter Ian’s Jewelry shop. Take the big red gem from the shelf and you’ll ask the shopkeeper for the price and want to pay. Your Visa card is alright but the photo on your drivers license doesn’t match. You should get a new picture. Use the door on the left to leave the shop and use the intercom to enter your cousin’s apartment again.

Talk to your cousin and ask him to print a PICTURE of you. In your inventory use the picture with the drivers license. Leave your cousin and walk to the right to enter the jewelry shop again. Take the red GEM from the display case and it’s yours. Leave the shop again and walk all the way to the left to enter Salasar’s building again. Use the door on the right to enter the lab.

Use the gem with the box on the wall, left of the drawers. Use the porn magazine with one of the tube on the machine and use all five tubes of blood (four red, one green) with the other pipe. Then use the control console under the vent to start the machine and reverse the evil Salasar caused.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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