You start in a phone booth.

Pick up the phone once it’s ringing. They tell you to go to7 the main gate and open it. Then go to the front door of the house and use the panel next to it with the code 1923. Exit the phone booth (click & drag) at your right and walk across the street. At the wall turn left. A few steps ahead is the gate. There’s a lock on it.

Open the lock by setting the symbols to the same category: music. This can be done by clicking each ring 5 times from the default position. Once the gate is open, go to the main door by walking around the fountain.Look at the panel and enter code 1923 followed by enter. The door will open and you can enter. Your in the reception.

Room #1 – Reception:

When standing in front of the desk you’ll find a safe to your left and a safe to your right. There’s a note with Just a Silly Thought and a pen on the desk. Read the note. Walk around the desk to the right. On the other corner is a note to Phil Robin and a punch. Standing in the opening of the desk there’s a third note on the right. Also this one contains information about safes. There’s a binder and a can to water the plants. A bit to the right is another memo with information. Walking al the way round there’s a coffee mug standing. Look at the bottom. There’s a sticky note telling you to try the computer. So walk inside the desk and look around some more. Turning from left to right you’ll see: binders, a note about wiring and hinges (more solutions here), a computer on which to play minesweeper, a book with safe instructions and floorplans to all three floors and another binder. That’s about it for the information you can find here. On to the safes. Try the blue one first. When facing the front door it’s on your right.

Safe 1:
You see three lights, three dials and a handle. Turn the handle and the lights will flash. When flashing green, the number is correct. Code is 314. You’ll get seven pieces of 25 cents and a piece of codekey. Turn around to the other safe.

Safe 2:
It’s a slider puzzle. Two ways to solve this: the hard way by solving it yourself. If you don’t know how to solve a slider there are some good sites that can help you master the techniques of sliders. Check here for more information on how to solve a slider. The other way (much easier) here is to hold down the [ALT]-key and turn the handle…. You can take the Photo with code, key #27 and key #6.

Take the door to your left, next to the gents room, it the door to:

Room #2 – Small Showroom:

On your right, right after you enter is

Safe #3:
It’s the order in which you pull the switches. When numbered from 1 to 4 from left to right and top and bottom it’s: bottom 3rd, top 2nd, bottom 1st, top 1st, bottom 2nd, top 3rd, top 4th and bottom 4th. You’ll get a note and a key.

Walk further into the room. On your left is a desk. There are brochures. Read one, it contains clues. Next to it there’s

It’s like safe #1, this time with four lights and four dials. Just try. The combination is 3231 (left to right, top to bottom). You can take the crank.

Turn around to face

Safe #5:
The pyramid shows you numbers. By looking at it you should be able to figure out that the missing numbers are the results of the two directly above it. So from left to right, top to bottom it’s 2, 1, 1, 6, 5, 5, 20. Now turn the handle and the safe will open. Four boxes appear. The lower left contains a piece of code of the T-1001.

Turn left and go through the door to

Room #3 – Designers room:

There’s a jukebox. That’s a safe but can’t be opened yet. With your back to the jukebox there’s a door on the left and a door on the right. There’s a door on the left to Room #27. Take the one on the right leading to

Room #4 – Coffee Room:

No safes here. Two doors: one on your left leading to Room #27. Take the door in front of you. It leads to

Room #5 – Constructors office:

There’s a desk with two computers on it. You can use one but nothing really functional. Take a look at the drawing desk on the right of the big safe. There’s a wiring diagram. Take a look at the safe. No clue yet? Leave it for now. Looking at the safe there’s a door on your right leading to Room #6, on the left leading to

Room #27 – Technical Design:

On your right is a safe. It must be wired. Use the diagram from Room #5.

Safe #6:
A bit like safe #3, but bigger. When numbered from 1 to 4 from left to right and from 1 to 4 from top and bottom it’s: 1st row 1st, 2nd row 1st, 3rd row 3rd, 4th row 3rd, 4th row 4th, 3rd row 4th, 2nd row 3rd, 1st row 3rd, 1st row 4th, 2nd row 4th, 2nd row 2nd, 1st row 2nd, 3rd row 2nd, 4th row 2nd, 4th row 1st and 3rd row 1st.

Take a piece of code of the T-1001 and an envelope with codes to the final safe. Looking on the wall on your left there are three doors. The left one is of the toilet, the middle one of a closet. Open it. You can find a blue box here. Use your key labelled 27 from your inventory and open the box. Take the note for the strongbox, the key 9 and the 50p coins and 3d coins. Take the door that’s left from the safe (and right from the toilets). It goes to

Room #6 – Chief Engineer :

On the desk is a book with solutions. It contains the solution to safe #5. On the table in the other corner are conversion charts between temperatures Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit. Go over to the file cabinet. Use key #6 from your inventory on the cabinet to open it and get the note about clockmotor. Turn to your right. There’s another safe. But we can’t open it yet. The door next to it is leading to Room #27. Take the door on your right that goes to

Room #7 – Big Showroom:

Directly to your right is a safe that needs three keys. We don’t have those yet. A bit further on your left is a safe with braille on it. Since we don’t know that yet, we’ll note the Braille and leave the safe for now. A bit further on the same side is another safe but can’t be opened. On your right is yet another safe. One with flowers.

Safe #7:
The solution is to get all 3 flower in the same colour. The easiest way to do this is to start at the default position and click each flower three times, rotating clockwise. By performing this sequence four times you get to the right colour and can take an Egyptian Cypher and a piece of code of the T-1001.

The door next to it is leading to

Room #9 – Security Guard:

Behind the desk is a green box attached to the wall. Take key 9 from your inventory to open it. You get a note about time, first key to room 13, a key to room 52 and key 3 to room 7. On the left is a door leading to Room #8. Leave the room through the corridor on the right side of the room. At the end is a file cabinet. Open it to see a note about a hand dryer. The door on your left goes to

Room #11 – Customer Service:

On the desk are filedrawers. Open the bottom one and get the dictaphone. On the other side is

Safe #8:
This one is voice operated. What a coincidence you found that recorder. Take the dictaphone from your inventory and click on use. Click on the safe on “speak” and click on the recorder on “play”. The safe can now be opened.

Take codes for the final safe, frequency codes and key 2 from room 13. Open the door left from this safe going to

Room #12 – Sales & Export:

There’s a switch safe again.

Safe #9:
Just like safe #1. The code is 1652 (left to right, top to bottom).

It will result in codes for the final safe. Take the door opposite of the safe. It’s the door to

Room #13 – Administration

There’s a safe that needs 3 keys and we’ve only got two so far. The door opposite of the safe goes back to Room #1, the on the right of the safe (when looking at it) goes to

Room #14 – Sick room

Right in front of you on the table is a book. Browse through it to find a clue to the liberty safe and a translation for Braille. The door on your left is going to room #11, the one on the right to room #8. Turn around and walk back to the door you came through but just in front of it, turn left. There’s another door to

Room #18 – Stairwell

Climb the stairs to find the gate locked upstairs. On your way down look at the armour on the wall on your left. You can open it.

Safe #10:
Read the note there. One head, two eyes, four limbs so: 124.

Take the key to room 24 and a piece of code of the T-1001. Walk down the stairs again and below turn left. You can see the elevator on your left but since it’s code operated and you don’t have the complete code yet keep walking straight ahead. The door in front of you will lead to

Room #27 – Technical Design:

We’ve been here already. Get the door to the right of the safe leading to

Room #5 – Constructors office:

Look at the safe on the left. You’ve read the book with Braille and the full article from which you also have a little piece.

Safe #11:
Pushing the letters on the safe make the lights burn. There are 9. Push LAFAYETTE and you can open the safe.

Another key 2 to room 7 and a dia picture disc. The door on the right of the safe goes to

Room #6 – Chief Engineer:

The safe here has dia’s in it. And you can put a disc in it as well.

Safe #12:
Use the picture disc from your inventory. Now you must get a ‘normal’ picture and the scroll through them all. Use the left button with one arrow twice, the right button with one arrow four times. You can see a safe now. Now push the button with two arrows.

The result is a piece of code from the elevator. Take the door behind you on your right side to

Room #7 – Big Showroom:

The first safe on your left is the braille safe.

Safe #13:
When you know you Braille, you can tell it says 1 right, 5 left, 4 right, 2 left. Use that on the safe. So turn to dial clockwise to 1, counterclockwise to 5, clockwise to 4 and counterclockwise to 2.

Take the third key 13 and code to the final safe.

Left of the Braille safe is a door going to

Room #21 – Kitchen:

Open the box with coffee and read the temperature. Now turn around and look at the safe in front of you. They all need to be set to 49°F so you need the conversion table from Room #6.

Safe #14:
49°F = 9.5°C = 282.5°K. First we need to calibrate, like the memo says on the safe. So fill all thermometers to the max. Then empty them to set the left thermometer to 9.5, the middle to 49 and the right one to 282.5. Then open the safe.

You can take an apple, a banana, a piece of code of the T-1001 and a block key. A milk carton and a lightbulb. Turn around and leave the room, back to

Room #7 – Big Showroom:

The second safe, the grey one, on the left needs a special key. Go over there and use the block key from the inventory on the safe.

Safe #15:
Use the block key to open the safe.

You’ll get the first key of room #7. Walk over to the other side of the room where the red safe is.

Safe #16:
Use the three #7 keys from your inventory on this safe. Don’t try this one before you have them all otherwise you’ll lose the keys and they can’t be retrieved any more so you’ll need to restore or start all over again.

Take the blueprint from the kitchen safe and a piece of keycode to the elevator. Use the door on your left to

Room #6 – Chief Engineer :

Go straight ahead to

Room #5 – Constructors office:

On your right take the door on the left to

Room #4 – Coffee Room:

and straight ahead to

Room #3 – Designers room:

You can see the jukebox there already. Use a 50c coin from your inventory and put it in the jukebox. In the middle you’ll see song titles, on the right and left there are artist names but scrambled.

Safe #17:
Solve the anagrams:
Stab the eel = The Beatles = She loves you
Nurses song = Guns N Roses = Paradise City
Males can hijack = Michael Jackson = Billy Jean
Chilled tripe shopper = Red Hot Chilli Peppers = Give it away
Genesis toll norh = Rolling Stones = Satisfaction
Non white youths = Whitney Houston = How will I know
Greet prince’s buns = Bruce Springsteen = Born in the USA
Cheesy bob hat = The Beach Boys = California Girls
Made chemists rust = Crash Test Dummies = Mmmm mmm
Yes, sell viper = Elvis Presley = Hound Dog
HI, Mr. Jinx Die = Jimi Hendrix = Purple Haze
Avoid Web I.D. = David Bowie = Let’s Dance

The order in which these are entered are not important as long as the correct title follows the artist. It will result in another code to the final safe. Turn around and the door on your right is the one to

Room #27 – Technical Design:

Take the first door on your left (on the wall with three doors the left one) to

Room #18 – Stairwell:

At the stairs take the double door on your left to

Room #1 – Reception:

and the right door on your right (not the ladies room) to

Room #13 – Administration:

Straight ahead of you is the red safe that needs three keys.

Safe #18:
Insert the three keys and turn the handle.

This will give you a code to the final safe. use the door on your right. It goes to Room #14. Walk to the end and turn right there. Under the arch turn right again in front of the bed. In the back is a cabinet. Use the pieces of codekey from your inventory and hold in in front of the cabinet. There’s your code to the elevator: 1812. Turning around 180°, turn left before the door and at the end again left before the door. Then the door at the end goes to

Room #18 – Stairwell:

All the way across to the door on the other end that goes to

Room #27 – Technical Design:

When entering your standing with your back to a wall with three doors. Take the one that has the WC sign on it. It’s

Room #24 – WC:

Behind the door is the hand dryer.

Safe #19:
Use the key #24 from your inventory after you’ve opened the dryer and it’s still ventilating.

This will give your a piece of code of the T-1001. Take the door on the left side on the same wall going to

Room #18 – Stairwell:

Near the chair turn right and you’re in front of the elevator. You now know the code: 1812.

Push #2 to go one level up. Step outside into

Room #18 – Cannon Annex:

Turn right and look at the cannon. Pull the trigger at the back side and the cannon will open. Take the cheese, crackers and thermos. Look down the stairs and note the painting on the other side. Turn around and open the door behind the cannon. It leads to

Room #32 – Dept. Chief Marketing:

There’s a safe here. Insert the 3d coin to make it work. Your goal is to put the tongue in, the ears back and the eyes straight by pushing apple,banana or pear on one of the sides.

Safe #20:
The shortest way is to push pear, banana, pear on one of the sides.

This will give you a code to the final safe. Turn around and look at the desk on your right. Open the top and you’ll find a note with flags. Open the door next to it. It goes to

Room #31 – Dept. Chief Export:

Look at the safe. The object is to recreate the picture as can be seen at the staircase.

Safe #21:
From the default position click on the inner ring four times, middle ring six times and the outer ring five times. Pull the lever on the most left first before turning the handle. This will open the safe.

Take a piece of code of the T-1001 out of the safe and turn right. Through the door to

Room #37 – Library:

You can read several books here the table. Entering the room straight ahead of you is a bookshelf with a slight different colour. The bell on the left of you says Do Not Pull so we just pull. This will take us to

Room #55 – Cellar:

Turn left. Look very closely at the wall on your left. It’s a hidden door. It goes to

Room #59 – Chest room

Open it. On the shelf you’ll find a drawing with a sticky note on it with a piece of code of the T-1001. It’s stuck on a room with no number… Open the chest and… there’s the solution to the Jukebox! Not much else. Go through te arched opening and almost at the end there’s a door on your left. Open it. It leads to

Room #58 – Key Weighing room

On the shelf are some tools and a book. Read it. It tells you how the weighing machine works.

Safe #22:
Use the handles to select the keys and let them either slide to the left or the right. By halving ot first (4 left, 4 right) you can tell which set contains the heaviest. Then halve these again until you find the heaviest. A little secret: it’s alway key 4.

Leave the room (not without taking the heavy key) and turn right. Follow the hallway. Go to the middle barrel and look at it.

Safe #23:
Open it and use the heavy key on it. Take the picture of the chessboard, the 25 cents coins, the whiskey bottle and the photo with code.

Walk further and turn left at the end. On your left is a Jester safe.

Safe #24:
You have to beat the machine in poker. When done, you’ll receive a code to the final safe.

A bit further down this hall there’s a slotmachine. Look at the bear. And there’s a book next to it. So the slotmachine only pays out when A=apple, B=banana, C= lemon. There’s no need to play the machine. You probably can’t enter the draw anymore. Walk back to the barrels. Walk back to the arched hallway and go all the way through it. At the end turn right. There’s a white table and a fireplace. Just after that there’s a clock safe.

Safe #25:
use the crank from your inventory on the clock safe. This will open up the fireplace.

Go through the fireplace and climb the spiral staircase. It will take you to

Room #57 – Cellar: and

Room #48 – Secret Stairwell:

Open the door, turn left to

Room #48 – Secretary’s office:

Not much to do here. Take the door on your right to

Room #46 – Music Chamber:

A lot of instruments to play with. But the most interesting of all is the taperecorder on your left. Play it and you’ll hear a piano playing a tune. It’s your task to replay that on the piano. Behind the painting on your left is a music sheet. You can look at it when standing in front of the bongo’s. Not much to explain.

Safe #26:
You only use white keys. Start at the one left between the three blacks (so it’s the right white one of the first black of the set of 3). Tap it twice. Then to the right to the one between the set of two blacks also twice. Then the one directly right of it twice and back one to the left, once. That’s the first part. The rest is easy. Twice one to the left, twice one to the left, twice one to the left, once one to the left. There you go.

Pick up the Egyptian Cypher and a code to the final safe. Take the door left of the bongo’s to

Room #44 – Conference room:

On the left of the room is a boat. There are flags hanging on the masts. You have your translation card so it reads: RIGHTTWOLEFTFOURRIGHT2RETURNTO5.

Safe #27:
Like safe #13, turn the wheel right to number two, left to number 4, right to number 2 and left to number 5. The ship will open.

Take the piece of code of the T-1001. Then the door to your right to

Room #36 – Company Psychologist.

There’s a radio in the room. You picked up a note earlier with frequency’s from safe #8.

Safe #28:
Press L and tune in Radio 1. Press S and tune Radio 4. Press M and tune in Star. Press S, tune in Luxembourg. Press O

Take the piece of code of the T-1001 and a code to the final safe. Turn around and open the door in front of you to

Room #34 – Purchasing dept.

Behind the door on your left is a big clock. You picked up a note earlier (Room #9). Read it and it will tell you the solution.

Safe #29:
From three to seven, from seven to one. Just click on 3, 7 and 1 on the clock.

Take the Egyptian Cypher and a code to the final safe. Use the door opposite the door you came in. You’ll be in

Room #18 – Cannon Annex:

Take the door next to the elevator (and next to the door you just came through) into

Room #48 – Secretary’s office:

Now go to the door on your left into

Room #49 – Egyptian room:

There’s a pyramid in the middle of the room. Take a close look and use the Egyptian Cyphers from your inventory. Only number 3 will work.
Safe #30:
Match the layers of the pyramid to the symbols of the cypher.

Take a code to the final safe and a photo with code. Go to the door you can see now and open your way to

Room #52 – Crabbs Office:

Since you don’t have his hands, you can’t enter through the glass wall. Just enter the little hall with the two chairs. There’s also a video player that asks for a cassette. We don’t have one. Open the door to

Room #37 – The Library:

Go back to the spot where you pulled the cord before but don’t pull it again. On your right you can see the bookshelf is a bit different. All the books are the same. Push them.Turn the knob that becomes visible now and the shelf will rise to reveal a door. Open it and you’re in

Room #52 – Crabbs Office:

A secret entrance. Take a look around. Cabinets are closed, desks are empty. Take a look at the big silver safe. Push the green button to reveal a panel. Now that looks familiar. Let’s look at the inventory.

Safe #31:
Use the notes to the final safe to open this one. Browse through the photo’s in your inventory: A-5, B-8, C-4, D-3, E-7, F-9, G-0, H-1, I-2, J-5, K-6, L-3

The vault will open. Wow. A chesspiece. The Queen. There’s a chessboard in the room. Look at it.

Safe #32:
Use the note you got from the barrel in the cellar to see the difference. Where should the queen go? Put her next to the king: checkmate! Mind you! You’re looking at the white side while the note is seen from the black. So mirror the pieces.

A panel will slide and a staircase is revealed. It leads to

Room #10 – Secret room floor 1:

To open the gate you need to open yet another safe. Now you found three pictures with codes.

Safe #33:
The pictures show you: 1=O, 2=P, 4=N. You might quess that it should say open. Mind you, you must key in the letters in order otherwise it won’t work. Keying in 1, 2 and 4 and brute force hacking 3 doesn’t work. Just guess the word. Note: O, P, Q, N does also work.

Take the Dispenser Key and open the gate. So there’s the T-1001 you’ve been collecting all these codes for. Look in your inventory and fill in all the letters.

Safe #34:
1=J, 2=P, 4=I, 5=E, 6=P, 7=L, 8=H, 9=N, 10=P. Only 3 is missing. Fill all others and you can brute force hack your way into the safe. So 3=J.

Take the cassette and letter from the safe. The letter you can read. Go up the stairs. Take one of the doors to

Room #37 – The Library:

The door on your far left on the same side is the one to

Room #52 – Crabbs Office:

Half way there’s the video recorder. Use the casette from your inventory on the machine and enjoy.

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